12 Foods to Avoid for Clear Skin

Environmental factors, cosmetic products, improper nutrition… All these factors can damage our skin. Everyone wants smooth and glowing skin, but achieving it is another story.

However, in addition to genetic factors, a healthy diet and lifestyle make the skin tight, smooth, and younger.

Let’s Find Out the Top 12 Foods to Avoid for Clear Skin

Our eating habits are indispensable for our skin health. Everything we eat is reflected in the skin. External is insufficient unless healthy eating habits support it.

A healthy diet is key to skin beauty. So, what are the foods to avoid for clear skin? Here, we will talk about these dangerous foods.

Having healthy skin depends, above all, on a healthy and balanced diet. Of course, it is important to protect the skin from solar radiation and keep it clean and moisturized.

The problem is these measures are not enough. The secret to good skin health, including a healthy dermis and epidermis, is eating right.

If you want trouble-free, firm, smooth and healthy skin, there are some important nutritional habits that you should give up.

Foods to Avoid for Clear Skin

1. Shellfish

Foods to avoid for clear skin

Over-consumption of shellfish damages the skin

Although shellfish is rich in iodine, which is beneficial for your health, it causes acne. So be sure to consume shellfish only once or twice a month.

2. Sugar

Sugar consumption triggers acne

Sugar consumption triggers acne.

Sugar and salt consumption worldwide are quite high. Refined or added sugar is a food that causes skin damage.

When consumed too much, it causes acne formation on your skin. It will be in your best interest to consume as little as possible. You may also try a 21-day sugar detox diet.

3. Milk Chocolate

Foods to avoid for clear skin

Foods to avoid for clear skin

While the benefits of dark chocolate are quite high, milk chocolate damages your skin and causes your skin to break out in acne.

If you choose dark chocolate instead, you will stop your chocolate craving and protect your health.

4. Artificial Sweeteners (Sugar Substitutes)

If there is anything more harmful than sugar, it is artificial sweeteners. They can reduce calories, but this reduction comes back in skin issues. Artificial sweeteners cause acne, blemishes, and irritation on the skin.

5. Trans and Saturated Fats, Food Coloring

Foods to avoid for clear skin

Foods such as fast foods, which cause skin damage, contain many harmful ingredients.

These are unhealthy foods flavored with trans fats, saturated fats, food coloring, and various chemicals. They cause premature aging, dry skin and acne problems.

6. Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Drinking a glass of wine occasionally is considered a healthy habit. However, a problem emerges when there is excessive alcohol consumption.

In addition to many health problems, excessive alcohol consumption causes dehydration, which does not help your skin look smooth and firm.

7. White Bread

White bread not only helps you gain weight but also harms the skin with its high carbohydrate content. White bread with a high glycemic index triggers acne formation.

8. Milk

Milk increases inflammatory conditions. If you encounter acne formation on your skin, especially after drinking milk, you should review your daily milk consumption.

Because the content of D-galactose in milk, which indicates that milk is pro-inflammatory, can trigger such situations.

9. Foods That Rich in Omega-6 Oils

Be careful when consuming omega 6

Be careful when consuming omega-6

These fatty acids increase inflammation and acne levels. It has been demonstrated that foods such as corn and soy oil rich in omega-6 and fish and walnuts rich in omega-3 increase the risk of acne.

Inflammation caused by these fatty acids is the most important cause of acne formation.

10. Nuts

The high omega-6 fatty acids in nuts stimulate the skin’s acne production. The inflammation caused by these foods in the body is cited as the cause of acne.

However, due to the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that nuts contain, it is wrong to exclude them from your diet completely.

Instead, it would be healthier to reduce the consumption of walnuts, pine nuts, almonds and Brazil nuts, which contain the most omega-6 fatty acids.

11. Spicy and Hot foods

Limit spicy foods like red hot pepper and tomato. These foods do not cause acne directly, but they can increase acne redness because they increase the blood flow and circulation in the face.

12. Sugary and Acidic Beverages

As well as sugar weakening the immune system, we consume less water when we drink sugary drinks.

It is beneficial to consume this product group carefully to protect the sugar balance of the body and skin without acne.

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