Diet Plan to Lose Thigh and Hip Fat

Learn the Most Effective Diet Plan to Lose Thigh and Hip Fat

Hip and thigh fat is becoming an increasingly common problem. Among the leading causes of fat on the hips are consuming ready-made food, fatty foods and insufficient exercise.

It will be difficult to burn the fat accumulated in the body as long as you do not move. To prevent and lose hip fat, you should create a low-fat diet for yourself.

If you want a ready-made program, you are right where you need to be. Let’s look at a sample meal plan that will help you slim down your hips:

Diet Plan to Lose Thigh and Hip Fat

Diet plan to lose thigh and hip fat

Diet plan to lose thigh and hip fat – Sample meal plan

For Your Breakfast Meal;

  • Boil yourself 1 or at most 2 eggs
  • Do not neglect to eat greenery
  • Drink 1 glass of milk
  • Eat 4 almonds

For Your Snack;

  • Nonfat yogurt
  • You can eat seasonal fruits

For Your Lunch Meal;

  • Eat grilled meat. 150 grams will be enough
  • Do not forget to have a salad with your meat

For Your Snack;

  • Eat two carrots or two cucumbers

For Your Dinner;

  • You can consume boiled broccoli or a vegetable you like
  • Tuna salad

Fat Burner Formulas to Support Your Diet Plan to Reduce Hip and Thigh Fat

Tea recipes that burn hip fat

First of all, let’s start with the green tea recipe that burns the hip fat.


  • 2 lemons
  • 2 green tea bags
  • A few fresh mint leaves


After brewing 1 cup of green tea, put it in a jug and squeeze the lemons into it. Add the mint leaves and cinnamon to the mixture. Add more water to the tea and put it in the fridge.

Another formula is to squeeze 10 drops of lemon into a glass of water and mix it with half a spoonful of honey.

When this mixture is consumed in the morning, it is possible to eliminate unwanted oils in the long term.

When you wake up, you should consume a glass of lemon or green tea mix and have your breakfast half an hour later.

Throughout the diet, you should do hip exercises in addition to light-paced sports such as walking, jogging, swimming or pilates for 45 minutes a day.

You should drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day. You should stay away from sugary products and fried foods.

Exercises to Support Diet Plan for Loss of Thigh and Hip Fat

Diet plan to lose thigh and hip fat

Diet plan to lose thigh and hip fat – Workout program that burns hip fat

In losing your hip fat, there are some important points to remember.

First of all, you should not eat anything after your evening meal. Walking for at least 1-2 hours daily helps you lose weight on your hips and thighs.

Drinking green tea speeds up your metabolism and thins the hips and thighs, so drink 1-2 cups of green tea a day.

Don’t feel lazy! Start climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Do not neglect to drink plenty of water during the day.

Water is the most important factor in your diet. If you forget to drink, write notes on small papers reminding you to drink water and stick it where you can see it.

You can support the hip and thigh diet with various hip movements. This way, you will get faster and more accurate results. Hip exercises to be applied are as follows:

  • Squat
  • One leg lift
  • Two legs lift
  • Bird dog movement
  • Box jump movement
  • The movement of pulling the legs to the stomach
  • Cross shuttle
  • Lunge run motion and hip fat-burning movement with the chair

All of these exercises get the hips to work. It is also effective in the hip, calf, leg and belly areas.

Generally, 3-week programs are applied while making a diet for losing weight around the hips.

However, this is not the case for everyone. Nutrition counselors prepare diets according to the person’s weight, size, medications, ailments, lifestyle, age and other criteria.

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