How to lose weight naturally?

During your day to day life, you may come across people who will fantasize you with their stories of losing weight within few days. While we can’t say that all of them are fake and fabricated, there’s every chance that most of them have been on some steroids or weight losing supplements which comes with their own list of side effects. So if you don’t want to be a victim to all those life threatening modes of losing weight, we got some great tips for you to lose weight, the natural way.

1. Follow a balanced diet and meal plan

You can’t really succeed in your weight loss goals if you can’t keep a tab on your eating habits. Well there are some of those who love to binge on those cheesy fries and burgers from McDonalds, you got to bid adieu to them for your weight loss reasons.

-Take five to six meals in a day with limited portions

-Add lots of fruits, green veggies and protein rich foods in your diet

-Consume less sugar and salt

-Avoid too much milk and dairy products

-Cut Carbohydrates and increase proteins in your all the meals

-Try to have a heavy breakfast, medium lunch and a light dinner

-Drink 2-3 liters of water daily

2. Track your calories

One of the biggest factors you must be focused about in your weight loss plan is your daily calorie intake. Not only this will help you to track your progress on your weight loss plan, it will ensure you of the path you got to follow whilst you look to lose the weight in a healthier manner.

-Make a calorie tracker or download a calorie tracker application

-Input all the items you have consumed in your day

-Calculate the total calorie intake on a daily basis

-Monitor your progress and bring on the required correction in your diet plan

3. Add more Protein to your diet

Protein comes as one of the most required nutrients for our body and its largely famous as the muscle building nutrient among most of the fitness enthusiast people. This is where you have to bring in a lot more of proteins to your daily meals so as you keep getting those muscles whilst losing that extra flab.

  • Add more portions of protein in all of your meals
  • Opt for lean protein items like Egg whites, chicken breast, fish and low fat dairy products
  • Ensure meeting your daily target of Protein consumption

4. Exercise daily

Exercise doesn’t always mean lifting heavy weights and you can cover up the same aspect by including some of the cardiovascular activities like cycling, running, jumping and so on. If you are not an exercise freak, you can opt for Yoga which can help you a lot in achieving your daily goals of burning calories.

-Make Exercise a daily routine and follow it religiously

-Keep changing the activities so as you don’t get bored out of the same

-Keep monitoring your weight and calories after every workout session

-You can also include strength training or HIIT (High intensity interval training) as per your choice

5. Mind the sleep

Quite often it happens that a person is following all the good diet and workout routine but still not been able to lose the weight naturally. Most of the times, it comes from the sleeping schedule of the same people. Life nowadays has become quite fast and stressful whilst people are more addicted to internet, social media and smart phones. This has made them lose some good sleeping time and that is why they are not been able to achieve their weight loss plan naturally even after following the right diet and workout regime. So take that 6-8 hours of mandatory sleep and keep it easy on your body while you are serious about your goals of losing weight naturally.

6. Eating tips

Drink a glass of cold water before every meal. This will slow down your appetite. While you are eating try to take your time. Eating slow will give your metabolism the time it needs to communicate with your brain cells. Remember to stop eating when you are full and NOT when your plate is empty! Use your common sense when putting food in your body. Think about it for a sec: What your body is made of? Which foods were here before you were? You do not need to cut meat, sugar or fruits. All nutrition you need are all around you. I will say it again; just go with your common sense. Not all type of sugars are the same and there is a big difference in between grass-fed organic steak versus processed, poison-like red meats.

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