Keto Diet vs Whole30

There is a lot to be discussed and understand in this Keto diet vs Whole 30 argument.

Firstly, both the diet plans are completely different from each other in lots of aspects.

Secondly, the whole30 isn’t a diet plan in the true sense, and this is where most people get it wrong in the first instance.

So, you need to understand the basic concepts of both the diet plans before coming to any comparison or conclusion in the same regard.

Keto diet vs Whole30- Understanding the basic concepts and mechanism

The keto diet is all about minimizing your carbs intake while bringing moderate protein and high fats into your meal platter. Doing this, you have to avoid the consumption of any processed or packaged food options.

Speaking of this diet, it was originally designed to seek a potential treatment of epilepsy in kids. Eventually, it turned out to be a diet that facilitates quick weight loss processes in humans.

Right within no time, everyone from a local fitness enthusiast to a high-end celebrity brought this diet into their schedule.

Currently, this diet is seeing some big growth in its popularity among people looking to lose quick weight.

On the other side, Whole30 is majorly about limiting the food options for a person while keeping health and wellbeing as the main objective of the whole process.

Hereby, you can only consume whole foods while cutting down on every type of sugar, junk, whole grains, desserts, bread, alcohol, legumes, and dairy from your diet.

It is more identical to another fad diet named the Paleo diet that incorporates eating patterns from the paleolithic era.

You cannot quote it as a diet plan, and it is more of a dietary reset to understand your body’s nutritional requirements.

Rules and guidelines of both the diets

Keto Diet vs Whole30

Keto Diet vs Whole30

The Keto diet generally prohibits every food option that is high in carbs, and you are only permitted to consume specific food items on the menu.

Moreover, the consumption of healthy food options like avocadoes, olive oil, nuts, meats, cheese, eggs, and dairy is highly recommended.

Moreover, eating fruits and vegetables high on carbs and calories is not advisable, and you can only opt for certain low carb veggies like Kale and spinach.

Speaking of Whole30, it recommends homecooked food that involves all the meat, vegetables, fruits, eggs, and seafood.

Talking of the foods that aren’t permitted, the list includes whole grains, bread, pasta, dairy, sugar, beans, peanuts, or any junk or processed foods.

Keto vs Whole30 – which diet is healthier?

A Keto diet has often been recommended for people that want to lose some quick weight within minimal time.

The whole journey is being supervised and monitored by a health expert to ensure the desired results without any side effects.

Even doctors and other health experts have found this diet highly efficient in controlling the risk of various heart diseases and type- diabetes.

So, it can be said that the Keto diet is quite perfect for people that want to lose weight under clinical supervision.

On the other side, the same cannot be said about the Whole30. Looking into the latest US News and World report, the plan has been kept at the bottom of the annual diet ranking.

Health experts and physicians have found this plan exceptionally hard to follow.

Moreover, the elimination of whole grains and beans from the diet has made it deficient in dietary fiber that is quite significant for our digestive and immune system’s health.

Also, people that consume more fibers are less prone to various types of illnesses and health issues.

So, according to the same medical and fitness experts, a month is not enough to reset your entire digestive system all of a sudden.

Hence, the plan must be followed while keeping all the risk factors and side effects in mind.

Bottomline for Keto vs Whole30

So, ultimately we have a winner in this ‘battle of the bests,’ and that is – the Keto diet.

Even while coming with few side effects (nausea, dizziness, fatigue, headache), the diet is backed by science and medical experts for its proven effectiveness.

Whole30, on the other side, is more about a temporary reset of your dietary pattern that doesn’t prove much effective in the long run.

Still, if you want to go ahead with the basic rules and guidelines for the whole30 for a long period, going with a paleo diet is a better alternative.

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