6 Delicious Dukan Diet Snacks

Dukan Diet Snacks – Overview

Craving for some Dukan diet snacks that go well with your weight loss goals? Well, need not worry as here we are with a handpicked list of some delicious Dukan diet snacks to keep your hunger pangs in check.

Furthermore, if you have just started with the attack phase of the Dukan Diet, you can pick any of the food options for your snacks from the list of 72 high-protein foods.

Besides being high in protein, all of these Dukan diet snacks are low in carbohydrates and fats.

Now, before you head on to the list of famous Dukan diet snacks, you must understand the significance of healthy snacking during any given diet plan.

Significance of healthy snacking

Keeps a check on overeating

The Dukan diet is all about eating a high protein, low carbohydrate meal daily. Hence, there’s every chance of you feeling hungry in between those low-carb meals.

Now, this is where these Dukan diet snacks help you to feed your hunger without letting you go overboard with your calories.

Brings the right nutrition to your platter

Dukan diet snacks would help you to cover up your daily nutritional requirement without any issues.

Now, once you have started following the Dukan diet, you cannot always consume all the required calories( along with the nutrition) in those three planned meals.

Hence, it is always suggested to get along with these Dukan diet snacks to fill up that deficit of daily nutritional requirement.

Guidelines to follow while snacking with Dukan diet snacks

  • Don’t go for Dukan diet snacks right before a meal
  • Opt for snacks only when you are feeling hungry and not out of boredom or any emotional reasons
  • The calorie count of your Dukan diet snacks must stay between 100-250 calories
  • Plan and adjust your daily snacking as per your weight loss or fitness goals

Now that we know about the whole concept around the Dukan diet snacks,  let’s take a look at some of the best and healthy snacks that can be included in your daily meals.

High protein food sources that can be used as Dukan diet snacks


Dukan diet snacks

Dukan diet snacks – Eggs

You cannot find a better and healthier option for snacking than eggs. Besides carrying all the right amounts of proteins, they are not that high in calories.

What else? You can consume them in your favorite version-poached eggs, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, or eggs omelet.


Dukan diet snacks

Dukan diet snacks – Chicken

When we say chicken, it’s about the chicken breast that is low in calories.

Moreover, 100 gms of chicken breast contains 25 gms of lean protein that speaks volumes about its effectiveness as one of the best Dukan diet snacks.

You can get it roasted, grilled, or cook it in your preferred way with your favorite spices and condiments.

Cottage cheese

Dukan diet snacks

Dukan diet snacks – Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese comes as another healthy Dukan diet snack that can be consumed at any given time during the day.

Speaking of its protein content, 100 gms of cottage cheese contains 18 grams of protein. You can get it roasted, grilled, or cook it with your favorite vegetables and spices.


Dukan diet snacks

Dukan diet snacks – Prawns

If you love seafood, you cannot write off shrimps or prawns from your Dukan diet snacks list.

The best part- you can just consume them as they are or simply roast them and enjoy them with your favorite non-fat greek yogurt.


Dukan diet snacks

Dukan diet snacks – Beef

The beef comes as another fantastic Dukan diet snack that can be enjoyed with your favorite dip or sauce. Try going for roasted beef with mustard spread and enjoy it as a sausage wrap at any given time of the day.

Canned tuna

Dukan diet snacks

Dukan diet snacks – Canned tuna

Now here comes a Dukan diet snack that comes in a tin can. Well, the best part of canned tuna is that it can be stored and consumed according to the requirement.

So, you can get it roasted or have it straight out of the tin.

Summing it up

Dukan diet snacks help you to cut down your hunger in between those meals, and this is where you have to be careful about your food choices.

Go for options that are high in protein so that your daily nutritional requirements can be fulfilled.

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