Paleo vs Vegan | Side by Side Comparison

Paleo vs Vegan

Both diet plans are self-explanatory. In the Paleo diet, you will follow a diet plan practiced during the Palaeolithic era.

Hence, the diet will contain all animal and animal-based products and some fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

On the other hand, a vegan diet is quite the opposite. You are not allowed to feast on any animal or animal-based food.

Moreover, the diet contains fresh fruits, vegetables and plant-based food options.

Vegan diet and its benefits

As mentioned above, Vegans aren’t allowed to consume animal or animal-based food products.

Speaking of this diet plan, food options like eggs, honey and dairy aren’t allowed.

Instead, a Vegan diet is more about bringing all the plant-based food options like fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

Talking about the health benefits of this diet, a vegan carries a lower risk of diabetes, hypertension and certain types of cancers.

Paleo diet and its benefits

As the Paleo diet is more about animal and animal-based food options, you can stay assured of getting all the required nutrition like proteins, vitamins, minerals, healthy carbs, healthy fats and dietary fibers.

So, when you talk about ‘going Paleo’, you must stay prepared for all the animals and animal-based food options preferred by cavemen and women in the Paleolithic era.

You must treat yourself as a modern-day hunter and gatherer without including processed or refined food options in your daily diet. So, any ingredient or food item not practiced during that era is strictly prohibited.

Speaking of the benefits of a paleo diet, you can keep your body lean and healthy for extended periods. Furthermore, you will experience more stable energy levels with improved sleep and lifestyle.

Paleo vs Vegan – which one is best?

You may come across numerous arguments in the context of this ‘ Paleo vs Vegan’ debate, but it’s certainly all about your specific health goals. So, let’s rate both diet plans on various critical aspects of your health and fitness.

Weight loss

The Paleo and Vegan diet plans can contribute considerably to your weight loss goals.

Even though the results are not as quick as any other low-carb diet, you will still feel satisfied and content with the outcome.


If you speak to a Vegan around, you will hear about their stories regarding ‘how and when they started with Veganism’.

In most cases, people are pretty satisfied with the progress in their health after getting started with a vegan diet.

Well, the same can be said about the Paleo diet. The diet plan is sustainable; you must avoid processed or packaged food.

Moreover, people practicing this diet plan have also confirmed positive changes in their overall health and well-being.


A Vegan diet is quite affordable as most food options are plant or plant-based. Furthermore, you can quickly source all these food options from any nearby grocery store or market.

Conversely, a Paleo diet has often been considered a bit expensive as it’s not always possible to source grass-fed meat and fresh seafood for everyone around.

You have to restrict the usage of any ingredient that was not a part of the people’s diet plan in the Palaeolithic era.

Our verdict on ‘Paleo vs Vegan’

Both diet plans carry their list of advantages and disadvantages. Still, regarding affordability, the Vegan diet sits more comfortably on the budget of any average human.

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