How to Make Kefir Milk Step by Step for Your Detox

Interested in learning how to make kefir milk step by step? We will explain this today. Kefir is a natural detox booster. It helps to get rid of excess salt in the body. It also has positive effects on heart health. It contains bacteria that aid digestion.

Let’s Find Out How to Make Kefir Milk Step by Step

First of all, it should be noted that when you prepare dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, butter, kefir, etc. take care to obtain raw milk from places that you are sure are safe, healthy, fresh and clean. If you do not have access to such milk or if you are not sure about the freshness and safety of such milk, you can use fresh daily milk or pasteurized milk when preparing these products.

There are many dishes and ingredients that have become trendy in recent years. Amarants, which are almost as popular as bulgur and used in many of our recipes, quinoa, avocado, sweet potatoes, and much more. But unlike these, kefir is  food that has remained popular for a very long time. The history of kefir dates back to the North Caucasus hundreds of years ago.

After it started to be seen frequently on market shelves, there were many people who started to seek to make the most natural and delicious kefir at home. So, here is the answer to your questions such as what is kefir and how to make kefir.

What is Kefir?

How to make kefir milk step by step

How to make kefir milk step by step – What is kefir?

Let’s start to explain by answering your question “What is kefir?” Kefir is a sourish drink that results from fermenting the milk of cow, goat or sheep with kefir yeast. Its history goes back a long way to Turks living in the Caucasus Mountains. In the past, people hung kefir in a leather flask next to their doors. The reason for this was to make sure that people who would go out of their homes had a drink kefir before going out, because it was believed to have many health benefits.

The lactic acid bacterium is obtained with a special yeast that combines yeast, protein and sugar. Patience is required for the preparation of kefir, which varies in color depending on the vitamin B12 and the milk it is made from. When we want to make kefir at home, we need to find the ingredients and provide an environment suitable for it to ferment.

How to Make Kefir Milk Step by Step for Your Detox

Making kefir is something that really takes experience and time. First of all, we have to risk doing wrong. Just as we are unlikely to make it perfect the first time when making yogurt at home, it is not easy to make kefir perfect the first time. However, with the methods we will explain to you below, you increase your chances of making it right the first time.

How to Make Kefir with Kefir Yeast

It is quite possible to prepare kefir with ready-made kefir yeast. Here’s how.

Our needs list is as follows: Plastic strainer (since yeast is a living bacteria, all strainers except plastic strainers are antibacterial and can kill yeast), wooden spoon, glass jar, milk and kefir yeast.

  1. First, we buy our raw milk. Our milk should be completely raw and, if possible, freshly expressed. However, as fresh milk can be difficult to find for those living in big cities, we can use daily milk sold in glass bottles.
  2. We check that the temperature of the milk is at room temperature. If we try to ferment over 25 degrees, we will not get the result we expected. If our milk is cold, we do not need to wait until it reaches room temperature, the fermentation process starts immediately at room temperature.
  3. Filter the kefir yeast, that is, the kefir grains, that we have previously procured, from the milk or water it contains, with the help of a wooden spoon. We slowly drop it into our milk that has reached room temperature.
  4. By closing the lid of our jar, we can ferment the milk and kefir grains. We can say that the rate of kefir particles we need to use for 1 liter of milk is as much as 1 walnut kernel.
  5. The fermentation process of kefir varies between 8 and 24 hours. We need to check that there is no roughness. If we want a thicker consistency, we can also achieve a 48-hour waiting period. To understand whether kefir is ready or not, we need to see the consistency of curdled milk when we look from the outside of our glass jar. That’s when our kefir is ready.

How to Store Kefir Yeast?

After the time passes, we filter our kefir and put it in our jar or bottle so that the kefir grains remain in the strainer. If we want to make kefir again with the kefir yeast we have, just add it to fresh milk. If we want to wait for a while and use it later, it will be sufficient to leave kefir grains in a bowl filled with water or milk. We can keep our kefir grains in the fridge for 10 days like this way. We can keep the strained kefir as a drink in the refrigerator. It will be much better to consume it within 2-3 days.

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