The Best Cleanse for Weight Loss: Spinach, Carrot and Lemon

What is the best cleanse for weight loss? The answer is a combination of lemon, carrot and spinach in a medicinal beverage for detoxification.

The purifying properties of ingredients such as lemon or spinach make this drink an ideal option for detoxing our bodies while also providing us with extra nutrients.

The Best Cleanse for Weight Loss: A Medicinal Drink to Get Rid of Toxins

The best cleanse for weight loss

The best cleanse for weight loss

If you are feeling tired, unwell, angry or experiencing physical discomfort, the ideal time has come to eliminate toxins from your body.

At least twice a year, we need to devote a few days to cleansing our bodies with the help of food or medical supplements.

That’s why in this article, we’ll talk about a detox drink made from spinach, carrots and lemon that eliminates toxins.

The result is a green and tasty drink that will aid the cleansing functions of the liver, kidneys and intestines. Try it out and the results will surprise you!

So why is it important to eliminate toxins? Our body constantly accumulates toxic substances due to different factors:

  • Pesticides, additives, chemicals, etc.
  • Heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, lead
  • Foods that we do not digest well
  • Environmental pollution
  • Stress and negative emotions
  • Hygienic products, cleaning materials, chemical products
  • Tobacco products and alcohol

To have good health and good quality of life, it is important to try to remove toxins from the body with the help of a good diet, medical supplements and natural techniques.

However, if you are looking for a simple and economical option for this, you can make very effective and purifying drinks in your home, as you’ll see in this article.

What Exactly Do These Detoxifying Foods Do?

There are three very healthy and depurative foods in this drink. Below, we will highlight their main features:

Carrot (See Also: Are Carrots Keto)

Rich in minerals such as beta-carotene, folic acid, phosphorus and calcium, carrot is a restorative and refreshing food. It helps us to alkalize and develop eyes, skin, hair and nails.


All leafy green vegetables are great for detoxing the body as they are good for liver function due to their pigment.

Spinach is also a diuretic, alkalizer, and bowel activity. It is also known for its antioxidant power that helps prevent premature aging, while its high iron content helps fight anemia.


Lemon is one of the best depurative fruits in existence. Lemon acts as a detox agent in the liver, kidneys and intestines, so this is the main ingredient in our drink.

The Best Cleanse Drink

The best cleanse for weight loss

Recipe for the best cleanse for weight loss

This drink is great for eliminating toxins due to the nutrients found in its three main ingredients.

By consuming only these foods, we can increase the detoxification capacity of our organs and make our liver, kidney and intestinal functions more efficient.

In addition, this drink helps in case of nutrient deficiency as it is rich in vitamins and minerals that the body can absorb easily. Thus, our health will not only improve but also our physical appearance.


To prepare this detoxifying drink, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 2 carrots
  • 2 handfuls of fresh spinach (50 grams)
  • 1 tablespoon of honey (25 grams)
  • 1 cup of water (7 fl oz)
  • Juice and peel of a lemon

Take note: If your goal is to get rid of toxins, we recommend that you choose organic ingredients. Otherwise, it may hinder the purification process as there may be pesticides harmful to our health in non-organic products.

What Should You Do?

To prepare this medicinal drink, we will follow these steps:

First, squeeze the lemon juice and keep it. If it’s organic, you can grate the peels and add them to the drink.

Mix the lemon juice with the other ingredients: spinach, carrots, water, and honey.

If you want a smoothie drink, its texture should be creamy. The drink will be very rich in fiber and satiety.

If you want to consume it as fruit juice, you will have a lighter drink.

Both options have detoxifying properties.

How Should You Consume It?

The best time to consume a cleansing drink is in the morning. You should drink it on an empty stomach at least half an hour before breakfast.

In the morning, our bodies are more open to taking any nutrients, and their effect is much stronger.

We can also drink this at night. However, its diuretic properties can cause us to go to the toilet frequently within a few hours of drinking.

Drink this for at least a week. Ideally, you should consume it every three months for two weeks to get rid of toxins.

In addition, spinach is:

  • Great for memory

Spinach is on the list of indispensable foods for the brain. Spinach is rich in minerals such as folic acid that prevent deterioration of cognitive functions, as well as vitamins A, B6, C, and various antioxidants.

  • It helps strengthen muscles.

If you are considering losing weight and are worried that your body may sag, don’t hesitate to eat spinach 7 days a week.

Add spinach to your salads and vegetable smoothies. Spinach contains a substance known as C0-Q102.

This substance is a kind of antioxidant that helps to strengthen the muscles by feeding them oxygen and sufficient minerals.

  • Spinach is also beneficial for vision functions
  • Fights osteoporosis
  • Spinach boosts your metabolism
  • It prevents inflammation
  • It prevents coronary artery disease

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