How Does Fad Diet Work? | 8 Types of Main Fad Diets

Fad diets are generally famous for weight loss. Though there is no specific evidence to prove if a fad diet works or not, some people claim it to be beneficial for rapid weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

What is Fad Diet?

There is no specific definition of a fad diet still it’s mostly used for reducing weight. According to the experts, fad diets are not nutritionally balanced and may be ineffective. However, certain types of this diet can help you control your weight and improve your health.

What is Fad Diet

What is Fad Diet – 8 Types

8 Types of Fad Diet That Works

Certain types of fad diets are effective. In this section, we are going to talk about them in detail. 

1. Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet was created by a famous cardiologist named Robert Atkins. He claimed it was a low-carb diet that is very effective in weight loss. This diet has four stages along with an induction phase of two weeks.

In this phase, you have to take 20 grams of carbs per day with an unlimited amount of fat and protein. Then you are suggested to add back 5 grams of carbs to your diet to maintain the loss.

According to studies, around 311 overweight women followed three different diets which are the Atkins diet, the Zone diet, and the low-fat Ornish diet. Among these diets, the Atkins diet showed more effective results in weight loss.

2. South Beach Diet

This diet plan was created by another cardiologist named Dr. Arthur Agatston. He wasted his patients to lose weight without getting hungry frequently. By following the Atkins diet, he thought that a person might have a risk of developing heart disease by unrestricted consumption of saturated fat.

South beach diet is lower fat, low carb, and high protein, and It was named after the area where Dr. Agatston practiced medicine. In the first stage of this diet, one can consume a few carbs and fat, but in the subsequent phases, the diet can become a little less restrictive. But all this time high protein intake is mandatory. Protein can release certain hormones which can suppress hunger for hours.

3. Vegan Diet

The vegan diet does not contain any animal products. For this reason, some people consider this extreme and unbalanced. On the other hand, some people believe that a vegan diet is always on high ethical ground and can provide you with a healthy way of living.

The effectiveness of a vegan diet entirely depends on the food item you are consuming every day. Vegan-friendly processed food and beverages will not help you to lose any weight. For weight loss, you must include whole foods in your vegan diet.

A vegan diet reduces the chances of any growing heart disease and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

4. Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is always considered very practical and essential for weight loss. In this diet plan, you have to cut down your carb consumption. It can help you to lower the insulin level in your body.

Your primary fuel source switches from sugar to ketones, which are primarily composed of fatty acids. Your body organs and your brain can burn this compound to produce energy. This state is usually called ketosis.

Though you’ll not be allowed to gradually increase carbs in your diet like most the low carb diets, you can consume less than 30 grams of carbs per day, sometimes it can be 50 grams as well.

5. Paleo Diet

The word Paleo diet is the short form of the Paleolithic diet. It is believed that thousands of years ago the hunters used to follow this diet plan.

It can be categorized under fad diets because of the restrictions on food consumption. This diet does not include grains, legumes, or any dairy products. Critics have claimed that it is nearly impossible to continue this diet for a long period.

However, certain people consider this a balanced and healthy way of eating. This diet plan also eliminates all processed food and includes more plant and animal-based food items.  

6. Zone Diet

Zone diet was created by a US-based biochemist named Dr. Barry Sears. In this diet plan, you must maintain a strict balanced ratio of fat, carbs, and protein for weight loss without negatively affecting your health. You must intake 30% healthy fat, 30% lean protein, and 40% carbs with high fiber.

Zone diets can help you lose weight in less time and to reduce any inflammation as well.

7. Dukan Diet

The Dukan diet was created by a french doctor named Pierre Dukan. This diet plan consists of four different stages. The first stage is the attack phase where you can eat an unlimited amount of lean protein without any restriction.

This diet can boost your metabolism and decrease your appetite, which can promote weight loss in a  short period. Now, you can start adding other food items.

In the stabilization phase, you can eat anything you like, there are no restrictions at all still vegetables and high protein are always encouraged to consume more. Though in the final phase, you must eat the Attack phase foods at least once a week.

Some people may consider this an extreme diet, but it always shows effective results in weight loss.

8. The 5:2 Diet

This diet plan requires a type of intermittent fasting, which can also be called alternate-day fasting. The 5:2 diet can also be called a fast diet sometimes.

In this diet plan, you can eat five days in a well but must restrict the calorie intake to 500-600 calories for two days every week. It will result in an overall calorie deficit, which can promote weight loss.


Though certain fad diets are effective in weight loss and promoting a healthy lifestyle, some of them can be harmful to some people. So, it’s important to consult an expert to find the type of fad diet suitable for your condition before trying them out.