Egg Cleanse Meaning | How to Read an Egg Cleanse?

Egg Cleanse – Overview

Lots of people believe that performing a spiritual egg cleanse can open all the good doors and bring new opportunities for you in life. Egg cleansing is a process that has been practiced for centuries in different cultures. People believe that this ritual can absorb all the negative energies and purify everything.

What is an Egg Cleanse?

If a person is attached to any negative energy somehow, it can sometimes make them feel drained, sad, anxious, or even sick. According to some cultures, egg yolk can draw out all this negativity and make people feel lighter and more positive.

The egg cleanses procedure is an ancient ritual that is still popular in some cultures for its effective outcomes in improving energy and mood. This method can be used to resolve any emotional, physical, or spiritual issues.

If you ever feel lost, distracted, or stuck at some point in your life, an egg cleanse can help you to reconnect with your higher self. It will promote good and positive spirits and energy all around you.

When Can You Do an Egg Cleanse?

You can perform an egg cleanse in multiple situations in life.

  • If you are sad and anxious for some reason, not feeling good about yourself, or feeling unlucky, this ritual can help you to overcome these feelings.
  • If you feel tired for a long time or you are in a bad mood without any specific reason, you can try doing this ritual.
  • If you are experiencing any problems in your education, career, or professional field, an egg cleanse can help you.
  • Relationship problems with your romantic partner or your friends and family.
  • If you have experienced any traumatic experience, you can perform this ritual. It can also help you if you are experiencing any nightmares or suffering from insomnia.

 Egg Cleanse Procedure

The ingredients needed to perform this ritual are two or more eggs, a white candle, salt, and one glass of water. There are a few steps to complete the procedure. These steps are quite easy to understand and simple to perform. You can do this at your home for yourself or someone else.

First, you must fill a bowl with water and salt and stir the mixture with a spoon until the salt is dissolved. Hold the egg in front of your eyes and imagine all of your negative thoughts and negative energy going to that egg from your body.

Place that egg in your bowl of salt water and leave it overnight. Next morning you can crack the egg open into a glass of water from earlier. Now all you need to do is observe the egg and interpret it correctly. This article has all the information you need to interpret your egg.

After you understand the meaning, respectfully dispose of that egg and cleanse your place with salt water or sage. If you always perform the egg cleanse ritual at the beginning of a month, it will help you to remove all the negative energies and have a fresh start.

Interpretations of Egg Cleanse

While breaking the egg in the glass of water, try not to break the yolk, if the yolk is broken, you may not be able to interpret it properly. Keep it for at least five to ten minutes and then you look at the glass to find your answers.

1. A face in the yolk

If you see a face of an animal or person appearing on your egg that means there may be someone in your life who is causing something negative and bad. A slim face indicates a bad friend and a round face symbolizes a greedy person in your life.

If that face appearing on your egg has a big or large nose, that may symbolize you know someone who is extremely nosy and always causes drama in your life. This person may be the source of all your bad feelings.

All you need to do is identify that person and maintain a safe distance from him/ her to avoid these negative feelings.

If the egg also has strange markings or black spots along with the face, that means the person who is causing negative feelings in your life may be harmful to you and can cause severe damage.

2. Cobweb

If you see cobwebs in egg white, it may symbolize evil eyes. Something is not right in your life and you should perform an egg rinse ritual to protect yourself from all the evil things and negative energies.

It may also symbolize your inability to make a decision. You may have made some harmful and bad choices in life for which you are now stuck in one place.

3. Needles

Seeing needles in your egg means you may have some people in your life who can suck all your positive energy intentionally or unintentionally. Some of them may just want you to fail in life.

4. Bubble

If you see bubbles on your egg or in the water, it may indicate that your ritual is successful and all your negative energy has been absorbed. Now, you have an opportunity to have a fresh start.

Though sometimes bubbles in the water may also symbolize that you are suffering from indigestion, gas, or acidity.

5. Blood and Pungent Smell

This indicates the presence of some evil spirits in your life. It is possible that someone you know is practicing black magic and trying to harm you in some way. You may need to perform another rinse ritual to cleanse all these negative spirits from your life.

It can also symbolize some undiscovered diseases or illnesses. You should visit a doctor immediately if you are worried about your health or feeling unwell.

6. Floating Egg

A floating egg means you are ready to move on without understanding the situation you are currently in.

7. Sinking Egg

If the egg is sinking, that means you are holding onto something which is not good for you. It indicates that you need to let it go and move on in your life.

8. Red Yolk

If the egg is cracked and the yolk is red, that means you are experiencing certain spiritual issues.

9. Murky or Cloudy Water

Cloudy water means that you are surrounded by bad luck and negativity at this moment. You need to cleanse your space for your good time to return.

10. Clearwater

If the water is clean, that means the ritual is successful and there is no negative energy in your life anymore. You are ready for a fresh start with positivity and good luck.


Though egg cleanses is an ancient ritual, some people still have faith in it and find it useful in their life. At the same time, some people think of this as a superstition. You can always try this process and find out your feelings about the results.

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