Benefits and Drawbacks of the Noom Diet

Noom Diet Benefits and Drawback

Noom Diet Benefits and Drawback – Designed by behavioral psychologists, the Noom diet plan targets your brain and works at a psychological level to help you think in line with what is good for weight loss.

It can be called a psychological app that tricks your mind into making behavioral changes in your eating habits and patterns.

The chances of relapsing into your unhealthy habits are highly unlikely, as slowly it becomes a habit.

However, following this diet procedure requires a lot of dedication; thus, you can’t develop healthy habits overnight. It takes its own time and makes you develop those habits that keep you healthy, slim, and fit in the long run.

Noom Diet Benefits and Drawback

All About Noom Diet Benefits and Drawback

How Does the Noom Diet Works?

Unlike many other one-size-fits-all plans, the Noom diet plan takes you as a unique person with unique eating habits and lifestyles, which is true.

You can start by answering a few questions about your eating habits which helps the app develop a unique diet plan, keeping your exact requirements and fat loss goal in mind.

To get started with this diet, you must answer some questions.

Take a Quiz

It would help if you took an online quiz answering questions about your height, weight, age, gender, why you eat, and why do you want to lose weight.

It can also ask questions about health conditions like if you have diabetes or depression. These answers will help the Noom app access your behavior and habits.

Download the Noom app and Log in

After answering the questions, you have to pay a certain fee, and then you can download the app. Currently, the ‘Noom app’ is available only on IOS (12.4 or later) and Android (version 6).

After installing the app, you can log in with your details like email, username, etc.

Goal Coach will Guide you in the Journey

You will be assigned a goal coach within two days of joining the weight loss program. The program will be assigned to you based on the kind of answers you gave in the Quiz.

You will have to complete 10 mini-lessons in 16 weeks. You have to spend 6 to 16 minutes on the lessons per day.

Also, the assigned experienced goal coach will assist you in your weight loss journey. He will reach out to you two times a week to check your progress and motivate you.

What is more, you will soon be introduced to a peer group who all are trying to lose weight and be fit. You can talk to them, share tips and guide each other.

What Food can you Eat on the Noom Diet?

Based on the analysis, volumetrics, and calorie density, the Noom food list has been divided into green, yellow and red categories.

As you guessed, green foods have the highest concentration of nutrients but with low-calorie value. Noom Dieter recommends these low-calorie foods in the diet.

This food is highly nutritious for anyone, whether on this diet or not.

Noom divides the types of food into three categories:

Green Noom Food

Vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are low in calories. Green is a higher level of nutrients.

Yellow Noom Food

Low-fat dairy products, lean meats, and legumes have fewer nutrients than green food. It increases your calorie intake.

Red Noom Food:

Red meat, almond butter, processed food, and full-fat cheese are the most calorie-dense foods, and it only increases the amount of fat in your body. Noom does not deny consuming the “Red Noom food” but encourages you to limit the amount of food you intake.

Noom Diet Benefits and Drawbacks:

Noom Diet Benefits and Drawbacks

Noom Diet Benefits and Drawbacks – Pros and Cons

Noom diet has its pros as well as cons. Let’s check them out.


1. Certified Health Coaches:

All of the ‘Noom’ coaches are experienced and at least go through 4 weeks of coaching to provide people with the right kind of therapy.

2. Psychological Approach:

Noom adapts Cognitive behavioral therapy to prepare a person to mentally adapt to a healthy lifestyle.

It is a proven psychological method as it helps you to understand the relationship between your feelings, thoughts, and behavior.

3. Long-Term Approach:

The Noom diet app’s goal is to change the person’s eating habits with Psychological behavior therapy.

Once the person is habituated to healthy eating, losing weight and staying fit will be easy. It is a helpful tool in the long term.

4. Guides Towards Healthy Eating Habits:

The Noom app color is a coordinating food approach of ‘Green, yellow and red’ to help select food that satisfies your taste buds and your body.

You can choose the food that has fewer calories, is nutritious, and tasty.

It does not discourage you from having calories once in a while but encourages you to take them in proper proportion.


1. Expensive

It is a bit expensive weight loss program. Not everyone is willing to pay $59 a month for the program.

2. Language is Not so Pleasing

Though the app encourages people to ditch unhealthy lifestyles and binge eating, the language is not so pleasing.

The app uses language like “Conquer your food triggers,” which can be problematic for people suffering from food triggers.

3. No Face-to-Face Option Available

Face-to-face chat is helpful and helps you to open up. But Noom app does not provide this service. The health coach is only available for guidance via chat; there are no video or voice calls.


No app offers specific recipes for weight loss. But you can enjoy many recipes, provided they contain low calories, and you get a go-ahead from your dietician.

This is the reason that makes Noom highly popular, as you don’t have to stick to any specific Noom recipe.

Once you get the hook to the program, you can make better food choices and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

The color-coding food system makes it easy to choose the diet according to your body’s requirements.

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