Picky Eater Food List | 10 Foods for the Picky Ones

Picky Eater Food List

Picky eaters live in a world where they eat the types of foods they like. The mindsets of such people are different from others.

Picky eaters often mix up their food intake with unhealthy items that invite unwanted problems into their lives.

When it comes to food, most picky eaters want to have fast-food items and other unhealthy recipes. The recipes that they like have no nutritional value. To help pick eaters have healthy foods, here we have compiled a list of healthy foods for picky eaters.

There’s no rocket science behind the types of foods for picky eaters, as they are also human beings.

There are many simple ways around to help picky eaters add some healthy foods to their food intake. The easiest way to help picky eaters add healthy foods to their daily food intake is by changing the shape of the foods.

Be it children or adults, the list of food items listed below will wake up the hunger buds of picky eaters. Let’s learn more about the healthy foods for picky eaters from this list!

1. Apples

Picky Eater Food List

Picky Eater Food List – Apples

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is the most used proverb worldwide. It means if you eat an apple every day, you will not fall sick. It keeps you healthy and keeps the doctor away from you. You will not have to visit the doctor’s clinic if you eat an apple a day.

Most picky eaters like to have apples. If they don’t like it, you can convert apples into chips. Yes, just like potato chips, you can convert apples into chips that look different from real apples.

Apple chips can be prepared at home, or you can buy them from the grocery store. With 95 calories, 1 gram of protein, 19 grams of sugar, 0 gram of fat and 25 grams of carbs, a medium apple can add up the nutrition to your body.(1)

2. Banana


Bananas are the world’s most popular fruit item, as they are readily available everywhere. Most people like bananas because they are sweet and full of essential nutrients and vitamins.

If your kids are ignoring this fruit, you can change their original look by simply inserting half the part of the banana into a pop-stick. Or you can dip the banana into colorful chocolates to attract the kids. A 100-gram banana contains 89 calories, 1.09 grams of protein, and 12.2 of sugar.(2)

3. Broccoli


Dietitians highly recommend broccoli. Broccoli is good for all types of people as it contains nutrients. This food can be consumed differently. However, if you want your kids to have it, then try out a different method.

You can prepare a special recipe with broccoli. Just chop them off into small pieces and add them to the batter. After finishing battering, fry them one by one. This recipe is healthy and picky eaters will like it. You can serve it with tomato ketchup. A 100-gram raw broccoli contains 34 calories, 2.82 grams of protein and 1.7 grams of total sugar.(3)

4. Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans)

Picky Eater Food List - Chickpeas

Picky Eater Food List – Chickpeas

Crunchy chickpeas are everyone’s favorite item. Nobody likes raw chickpeas or chip peas recipes; however, when you roast them and add some spices, the taste and look of the chickpeas will be changed.

100 grams of chickpeas are full of protein (8.86 grams), only 164 calories, and 4.8 grams of sugar.(4) Roast them, add some spices, add a few drops of lemon water and then serve them to the picky eater. 

5. Nuts


Not everyone likes to have nuts, even if they know their nutritional values. Nuts are known as the healthiest food for all users except small kids. Small kids have poor digestion systems and for that reason, nuts are not recommended for them.

Nuts such as almonds, cashews, etc., can be served after roasting them well. When you roast them or add some species to them, they look and taste differently. Picky eaters would like such different-colored nuts.

6. Raw Veggies

Picky Eater Food List – Raw veggies

Picky Eaters don’t like raw veggies. Raw vegetables are full of nutrients that help you boost your metabolism and digestive system. Instead of serving raw veggies directly, you can cut them into different shapes and add some salt and a few drops of lemon.

Baby corn, carrots, cucumber, and other raw vegetables are good for your body. Or you can make the salad to serve with other meals.

7. Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken soup is healthy for your kids, but not every kid likes it. You can prepare chicken soup with noodles and can serve it with cheese. Chicken takes time to cook fully and for that reason, you have to spare some time while making this recipe. It’s a good recipe for picky eaters who dislike chicken soup.

Besides this, one can prepare chicken soup by adding different types of vegetables and spices. This will add more taste to the standard dish.

8. Baked Potato Skins

Picky Eater Food List – Baked Potato Skins

Crunchy foods are always a good choice for picky eaters. Do you know that potato skins are full of nutrients? Instead of eating potato chips from the market, you can have baked potato skins and can add essential nutrients to your body.

Picky eaters can add iron, fiber, and other nutrients by adding baked potato skins to their daily intake. It’s a great food to add and I’m sure every picky eater would like it.

Baked potato skins can be served differently. You can have it with cheese or can sprinkle some spices on top.

9. Pumpkin Pancakes

Pumpkin Pancakes

Pumpkins are always underrated when adding healthy foods to your daily diet. Punkins are full of vitamins, fiber, manganese, folate, and other nutrients. You can prepare a variety of recipes using pumpkin as the main ingredient. One such recipe you can prepare and serve to picky eaters is pumpkin pancakes.

Plain pumpkins are recommended to have full nutrients; however, if your kids don’t like to have them raw, you can add them with pancakes or prepare special recipes with pumpkins using waffles, etc.

10. Ham

Picky Eater Food List – Ham

Did you know you can help picky eaters like the foods they don’t like by simply changing their looks? Hams are everyone’s favorite food item.

If picky eaters avoid having them, you can serve them by wrapping them in tortillas. While serving, you can add some raw veggies to the tortilla prepared with hams.

Final Thoughts:

Picky Eaters can have plenty of foods that are healthy and full of nutrients. However, most of them don’t know about the nutritious values of foods and other recipes.

Use clever tricks to change the shapes of the foods and the type of serving them; picky eaters would add them to their food list.

If your kids are picky eaters, all you have to do is prepare a list of foods they like the most, trick out the foods by making different recipes or changing the style of serving them. This way, they can learn to try out new food items and recipes. After all, health is real wealth.

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