How to Eat Clean to Lose weight? 8 Practical Steps

How to eat clean and lose weight

It is true that some people do not need diet plans because they are not obese neither is their weight significantly an issue, nevertheless we all need to eat clean. Eating clean detoxifies our system and sheds some “building up weight,” it helps us stay fit and healthy at all times. For many following a diet plan is clearly taking a simple weight issue overboard, which is obviously true because they are not far from the normal weight expected of them. Nevertheless, everyone needs to eat clean to lose weight while staying fit, in this article, we shall discuss a few nuggets on eating clean to lose weight.

Eating clean is essentially centered on eating less processed foods while encouraging natural or close to natural foods. This is an intentional way to increase your overall health while unconsciously keeping fit weight wise. It is not a meal plan, rather it is knowledge to arm yourself with while seeking to live a healthy life. A few nuggets to note while you seek to eat clean are discussed below:

how to eat clean and lose weight

how to eat clean and lose weight

healthy and clean eating

1. Cut out on Eating out

This is the first way to start eating clean, as you transition between eating clean you would have to stop grabbing a bite, eating out, buying lunch, quick foods, snacks, and more. This means that you would have to rely on home cooked meal prepared by you or regulated by eating clean guidelines. The idea is to monitor the amount, and quality of your food intake as well as ensure that they are fresh and close to natural.

2. Do away with Refined Carbs

Refined carbs like bread, pasta, white rice and more won’t do your health good if you keep taking them in high proportion. Cut your intake on refined carbs drastically because they do not contain the necessary nutrients (fats, minerals, vitamins, etc) your body needs to function. They are also known to cause health issues after a while of intake, it is responsible for obesity, and diabetes among others.

3. Increase Protein intake

This is a just requirement on how to stay healthy and lose weight, proteins are known for their nutritional benefits such as cutting out body fat, boosting metabolism, suppress hunger and more. A mix of protein and high fiber related foods also help to manage your appetite while eating clean, a few examples of clean protein source are: beans, eggs, dairy, nuts, and poultry.

4. Be the Intuitive Eater

This is indispensable to eating clean, the average human who is not on a diet neither eating clean consumes more than his body needs daily under the disguise of appetite. However, the intuitive eater is pragmatic with his food choice and relationship. The intuitive eater is able to strike the balance between what is needful and not, he therefore tames his appetite, does not overeat, and eats right. Observatory studies show that this practice has helped the human mental health.

5. Avoid Added sugar

One of the reasons we advised you ditched refined carb is because of their high sugar supply to the body, you can’t avoid refined carbs too only to make a mess of the situation by taking added sugars. Make a cut down on added sugars or at best avoid them, to cope with these transitions seek for healthy substitutes for added sugars in your meal.

6. Choose Green

Look out for leafy green vegetables they are healthy ingredients to spice your meal or eat as soup alone alongside non-fatty meat. Researches over the years have shown that green leafy vegetables posses a lot of nutrients (minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, etc) hat are beneficial to the body, you could also eat them as salads. These vegetables include spinach, cabbage, kale, etc.

7. Never Run out of Stock

To keep up with you how to stay healthy and lose weight principle ensure your pantry and fridge is always stocked. The goal is to reduce the seducing desires of your old eating patterns, it is advised that you take time out each week to refill your stock with necessary ingredients/food items.

8. Organic/Plant based Diet

Eating clean cannot be detached from eating plant/organic based diet. They range from vegetables that could be added to meals or taken as soup to fruits that have a natural sugar level the body can accommodate naturally if taken moderately. To effectively stick to the plan/organic based diet you would have to create a relationship with your local farmers around so, you could get produce in their fresh, and in their seasons. The relationship with the farmer also gives you a knowledge of where your food is from, and the credibility of the source/processes the food was produced from. Another way to get organic produce is to stick to the perimeter area of the grocery store, this area covers for fresh organic and protein produce.

Bottom line

Staying healthy is priceless, we are burdens to people, and our efficiency is greatly reduced when we are not healthy. How to be healthy and lose weight for people who obviously don’t need a diet plan is secured in eating clean foods. The eating clean food method allows you to eat out as long as you eat right, in addition eating whole food is encouraged contrary to eating some diet food which contain more sugar than you imagine. Friend I welcome you to the healthy way of life that would sustain generations, I welcome you to the club of clean eaters!

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