What Exercise Burns the Most Belly Fat?

What exercise burns the most belly fat?

While working out, most people have at least one particular part of their body they wish to improve. For many of us, it is our tummy.

Who does not want to get rid of excess belly fat? Washboard abs and a thin waist are the best proof that you lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

It seems that our appearance and social standards are not the only issues here. In 2020 a study, analyzing more than 2 million people’s data, was published in British Medical Journal.

The study revealed that with the increase of waist size, the chances of early mortality rise: “analysis indicated that each 10 cm (3.94 inches) increment in waist circumference was associated with an 11% higher risk of all-cause mortality”.

Waistline measurement is considered to be a better indicator of fat distribution than BMI.

Burning fat – theory

It is necessary to distinguish between two basic types of fat in the body – subcutaneous and visceral.

Subcutaneous Fat

What Exercise Burns the Most Belly Fat

What Exercise Burns the Most Belly Fat – Subcutaneous Fat

Subcutaneous fat is located between the skin and the abdominal muscles. Easily accumulates due to excess calories and an unhealthy diet.

Visually, the excess of subcutaneous fat in the abdomen and sides is noticeable, for example, when a person is sitting.

Subcutaneous fat does not cause any health hazards as long as the total body fat percentage is not exceeded.

Visceral Fat

What Exercise Burns the Most Belly Fat

What Exercise Burns the Most Belly Fat – Visceral Fat

Visceral fat, also called abdominal or organ-fat, is hidden in the abdominal cavity around the vital organs, causing the belly to spread out, acquiring a rounded shape.

It can squeeze the internal organs of the abdominal cavity, and disrupt posture.

This type of fat is metabolically active and interferes with hormones that control mood, appetite, and other functions of our body.

You can burn both types of fat with prolonged low and medium-intensity cardio workouts, that fall in the fat-burning zone of the pulse – while maintaining a calorie deficit and following the principles of proper nutrition.

Best exercises to burn belly fat

Let’s get it straight – spot reduction is not an effective strategy. Spot reduction is a type of targeted exercise intended to burn fat in specific body areas.

This means that daily pumping of abs to fight fat in the abdomen is useless. These muscles are too small to support significant calorie burn during exercise and get rid of belly fat.

Unfortunately, we can not choose where we lose fat first, so the goal should be to burn as many calories as possible. These exercises will help you to accomplish this faster :

Aerobic cardio

Cardio training is an effective way to get rid of excess weight and fat reserves. But to start the mechanism of fat burning, you need at least 30-40 minutes of exercise.

Only after this milestone does the body begin to consume the reserves of fat cells.

There are lots of great aerobic cardio exercises like running, walking at a quick pace, swimming, cycling, etc. Just choose the one you enjoy, this will help stay motivated and better stick to the exercise routine.


It combines the elements of squats, planks, push-ups, and up jumps. When performing Burpee, all muscle groups of the body are involved, especially the muscles of the abdomen, legs, and chest.

Since our goal is to involve as many muscles as possible, burpees are an excellent choice for people who want to burn belly fat.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

This approach is based on the alternation of the pace of the exercises. In a high-intensity period, the body works to its limit and spends as much energy as possible.

In low intensity – you have an opportunity to relax, gathering strength for a new cycle.

This type of workout burns fatter than regular cardio. In 20-25 minutes of HIIT, you lose more fat than in an hour-long cardio workout.

Strength training

During strength training, like weight lifting, energy consumption is anaerobic (without oxygen).

The body does not “pull out” fat cells from the reserves, their oxidation does not occur. But here we have an afterburn effect – our body continues to burn calories even after exercise. Weight loss does not occur during training, but after it, during muscle recovery.

Thanks to the formation of lactic acid, muscle fibers are strengthened and increased. This speeds up metabolism. Strength training can help you get rid of fat without losing significant muscle mass.

Mountain Climbers

Just like burpees, mountain climbers are great total body exercises. While doing these you are going to utilize your core, shoulder, triceps and leg muscles.

Skipping rope

It is suitable for everyone, from children to bodybuilders. By skipping rope for an hour, you can burn under 1000 calories.

It is also a full-body type of exercise: you are using abdominal muscles to stabilize your body, upper limbs to turn the rope and lower limbs to jump.

Medicine Ball Slams

There are several types of this exercise. Side-to-side medical ball slams engage your obliques, triceps, shoulders, back, hamstrings, and quads, while overhead slams focus more on your core since more work is being performed against gravity.

Elbow plank

The plank is always good to do as a finishing exercise. The plank engages almost all muscle groups, so you can strengthen your abdomen, waist, legs, back, neck, and shoulders.

And finally, do not forget exercises that focus mainly on your abs, like regular crunches, leg raises and bicycle crunches.

They will not burn much belly fat but will strengthen and curve out your abdominal muscles.

Take-home points

The full list of exercises that can help you burn abdominal fat is much longer. The direct exercise choice plays a much less important role than the regularity, duration, and intensity of fat-burning training.

Just try several of these and choose the exercise that works best for you and stick to the schedule.

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