Kardashian Atkins Diet |10 steps She Follows in Her Diet

Kardashian Atkins Diet

Although the Atkins diet began in 1972, it grabbed some attention when once-famous celeb Kim Kardashian was reportedly seen practicing it to lose her baby weight.

Well, it’s not just about Kim Kardashian and the list involves some elite names from the sports world.

While Atkins’s diet is mainly about consuming all the proteins and fats, it also requires you to go low on carbs.

Still, before getting along with the Atkins diet in general, you must be aware of the below-mentioned facts in the same context.

1. It’s more about low carbs and not just low calories!

Atkins’s diet works on the principle of using fat as a fuel for the body instead of carbs. This is where you must keep an eye on the net carbs intake instead of low-calorie intake.

You may go overboard while eating your pasta or brown bread on a given day; the exact must be balanced the following day to cover the damage.

That said, you must track the net carbs in your body rather than focusing on the total calories.

2. Pick the right Atkins diet plan!

Not many people know this, but you always have two plans in the Atkins diet: Atkins 20 and Atkins 40.

The Atkins diet plans are designed to suit your respective dietary needs and requirements.

With the Atkins 20 diet plan, you start by consuming 20 grams of net carbs daily and then add more carbs over the four phases of the Atkins diet.

The Atkins 20 diet plan is mainly recommended for those who are looking to lose more than 40 pounds with the diet plan.

Conversely, Atkins 40 is about consuming 40 grams of net carbs daily. You are allowed to have three meals and two snacks per day and this way, you get more food options to your Atkins diet plan.

The Atkins 40 is suitable for everyone who is aiming to lose less than 40 pounds and wants to bring on some variations in their meal plans.

3. A Diet plan that lets you go Cheesy!

While you may get restricted with your dairy consumption in other diet plans, the Atkins diet allows you to eat your favorite cheese in all the meal plans.

Along with cheese, you can have your favorite dairy food items as long as you track net carbs consumption.

Cheese comes high in proteins and offers all the healthy fats to your body and it is also considered a good source of calcium.

4. Remember the Proteins!

You must pack on the proteins to achieve your weight loss goals or gain all the health benefits from the Atkins diet.

Proteins play a key role in all four phases of the Atkins diet and you can grab them from sources like eggs, poultry, meat, bacon, and seafood.

While they work as a muscle-building component for your body, they also help you stay full and satisfied for longer periods.

Eventually, you will consume fewer calories and effectively achieve your weight loss goals.

5. Alcohol consumption is a big no!

You are also prohibited from consuming alcohol on either Atkins 20 or Atkins 40 diet plans.

Although the occasional wine consumption can be tolerated, you must know that alcohol slows down the weight loss process as a whole.

You can consume certain alcohols like wine, scotch, gin, or vodka, but you must avoid the usage of soda, juice, and tonic water in the same, as they will add some unwanted net carbs into your Atkins diet plan.

6. Stay ready for some unwanted side effects!

Before you get along with an Atkins diet plan, you must also know the side effects it carries in the process. It’s a given that you will change your eating habits, which might not go well with your body on the first go.

Hence, staying prepared for side effects like headaches, weakness, constipation, fatigue, and dizziness would be best. You may encounter these issues in any low-carb diet plan, so the choice is always yours.

7. It may corrupt your monthly budget

The Atkins diet requires you to mainly consume fresh and non-processed food, something which is quite costly to go ahead with.

There have been studies in place that have shown that you have to spend more while buying all the fresh and unprocessed stuff from the grocery market.

According to an article published in Forbes magazine, the average weekly spending on the Atkins diet was around $100.52, which was way more than the national average of 84.6.

So, before you get along with the Atkins diet plan, you must be prepared for your increased grocery bills. While many won’t like it on the first go, we can only say that ‘good things always come at a price”.

8. This diet is trendy amongst celebs

While we just mentioned Kim Kardashian practicing the Atkins diet to lose her baby weight, there are other notable names in the elite list like Robbie Williams, Alyssa Milano and Jennifer Aniston.

So, if you are looking for motivation to start with this diet plan, you can take it from your favorite celebs.

9. It might not come along with other health benefits

You may have heard from the experts that besides helping with your weight loss goals, the Atkins diet can help you reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Still, as per some recent studies in the same regard, it’s been stated that the risk of diabetes and heart diseases can be reduced by simply following a healthy diet plan and not just the Atkins diet.

10.  You can get help from the carb-counting apps!

As we just mentioned, you must be sure of your daily net carbs consumption; tracking the same is always the key to success. This is where the numerous carb-counting apps can help you in the same process.

These apps can assist you with tracking your daily net carbs consumption and some amazing Atkins diet recipes.

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