Rapid weight loss without dieting. Trust me

Let’s first address the trust issues on rapid weight loss stuff.

I wish there was a way now I could prove to you that I lost 10 pounds in 7 days and 35 pounds in 40 days. No supplements, no workout, no crazy dieting.

Now I know what you are thinking. ”Is this another big secret on the internet that never works?”.

It isn’t…

Just try these simple tricks as you have got nothing to lose except some pounds, hopefully (see what I did there? I am on fire today!).

What do you live for? What’s the point of looking fit and healthy?

What is the point of looking healthy and fit If you can’t enjoy a nice steak, french fries, or an ice-cold beer when you want to?

If you are okay with living life just eating letters, green beans and spinach all day with some protein powders then that’s good for you.

But how about the rest of us? Is it possible enjoying our lives without compromising our birthrights such as eating, drinking what we want and still looking healthy?

What if you could do both? Is it possible to look healthy and fit without starving yourself or living a sugarless life?

Rapid weight loss

Rapid weight loss

We have been watching all these dietitians, doctors on tv and the internet.

Reading countless blogs, articles and social media posts on “quick tips to lose weight”, “how to lose fat rapidly” or the “secret for the perfect body”. My favorite is the ones “never eat this and never eat that”.

I am not going to tell you they are all made-up facts; moreover, some of the work. The question is which one?

The digital age of “TMI” overwhelms all of us. As a society, we have transitioned from “how can I get access to the information I need” to “which of this information is what I need?”.

The unsolicited advisers keep telling us what to eat to live healthily

For example; alcohol is bad we all know that but is this the answer to what you are searching for? Isn’t this unsolicited advice by search engines?

What if you need to know “which alcoholic beverage is less damaging to what you are trying to accomplish”?

What if I told you that you can drop pounds by switching your bad habits with another bad habit that has a less negative impact on you?

What if you could eat what you want and still lose weight rapidly?

Because of these, do’s and don’t’s cliché people don’t even start considering making changes in their life. Here is the good news: You CAN eat your favorite foods and have a boose with your friends and look healthy.

So, I did the heavy lifting for you and studied the most respected authorities and dietitians on weight loss.

What I am NOT going to do is that I won’t bombard you into the technicality of the content of these foods.

I will simply tell you how I lost 10 pounds in 7 days and 35 pounds in 40 days with no workout. Before you read below please note that I am not a dietitian nor a doctor. This is what I did and it worked for me.

6 days a week

Breakfast: One hard-boiled egg or as many as hardboiled egg white: I know this is not the most delicious breakfast in the world but work with me here.

The best way to trick your brain is that do not to sit at a breakfast table while you are eating this. Stand up, eat and move on to your busy day.


Every two hours eat the following and try to switch them in between until the dinner time

Blackberries (as much as you like): Highest fiber content on berry family. Don’t worry about its sugar content. It’s not processed! You are fine!

Plain yogurt (max 4gr sugar). You can add granola to it if you feel hungry. Healthy protein from its direct source. This will help you with the energy you need to through your day.

Green apple: Fiber on steroids!

Dinner: Tuna, turkey, chicken, whole-wheat pasta, steak (without butter, c’mon you can do it), seafood, red cabbage and/or any green vegetables.

If you like fries go for it but make sure whatever you are frying you air-fry it. These are just a few I tried and they worked. The point is to focus on protein with a healthy type of meat

Try to eat organic when you can but discourage yourself if you don’t have access to organic food. Every single bite matters. Just keep on!

Day 7th. Eat whatever you want and however much you want them but never feel bad. I don’t like when people call this a “cheat day”. You aren’t cheating! You are eating what you deserve and enjoying your life.

With the above method, you will never starve because you can have them as much as you want. When I first tried this on myself I felt a little bit of discomfort during the first week but now I can’t even eat as much I used to.

This method, if followed at least 21 days, will train your brain to crave fiber and protein only so don’t get discouraged because your body and mood will start changing from day 3.

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