Top 10 New Benefits of Vegetarian Diet

New Benefits of Vegetarian diet

A vegetarian diet is catching all the eyeballs and whilst being considered “healthy”, it’s also been quoted as “environment friendly” by many around.

Some people think that the vegetarian diet doesn’t come along with all the nutritional requirements for the body but the truth is certainly otherwise.

You just have to maintain the right balance of proteins, minerals, and healthy fats and you got most of your nutrition sorted.

Still, puzzled whether to go for a vegetarian diet or not? Let us bring you the top 10 reasons in the same context.

1. Lower risk of heart disease

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet – Lower risk of heart disease

The vegetarian diet stays low on saturated fat and cholesterol levels as most of the food items in the diet are plant-based. There have been studies and researches in place which have shown that vegetarians are 24% less likely of getting heart disease than nonvegetarians.

On the other side, famous physician Dr. Dean Ornish has claimed that people on a vegetarian diet have reversed coronary heart disease.

2. Helps in preventing cancer

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet – Helps in preventing cancer

It has also been stated by some most famous doctors that getting on a vegetarian diet can help you in the prevention of certain types of cancer.

Some observations have proved that vegetarians are less prone to cancer than those who rely on meat.

It has also been said that consumption of Red meat and processed meat gives birth to higher chances of colorectal cancer.

Hence, you got all the reasons to include those fresh fruits and veggies in your diet.

3. Helps in achieving your weight loss goals

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet – Achieve weight loss goals

It has been found that the people on a vegetarian diet are low on body mass index than the people on a non-vegetarian diet.

As per the studies by the Oxford institute, BMI levels have been found much lower in both men and women from the vegetarian categories.

This is due to the high fiber content which is coming from all the fruits and vegetables that you can have in the vegetarian diet.

4. Slowing the aging process

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet – Slowing the aging process

A plant-based Vegetarian diet is highly loaded with all the fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients which can boost your immunity, whilst slowing down the aging process.

Also, the vegetarian diet can prevent the occurrence of certain chronicle diseases which further ensures a healthier and longer life span in humans.

This might not be possible with the non-vegetarian diet and there are studies in place to confirm the same fact.

5. Makes you stay away from chemicals and contaminants

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet – Stay away from chemicals and contaminants

Meat is found to be coming on your table along with certain pesticides, bacteria, hormones, and antibiotics and this is where you are prone to various health issues.

While these toxins are fat-soluble, they can easily get along with the fleshy fat content of the animal meat.

This is where the vegetarian diet comes as a winner as you are not bound to catch any such chemicals and toxins in the process.

Although the high usage of chemical-based fertilizer and pesticides may impact the quality of the veggies, they still outscore their meaty counterparts in the same comparison.

Hence, going on a vegetarian diet can stop the entrance of all such chemicals into your body.

6. Helps in combating the Global warming issue

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet – Global warming issue

You may find it surprising but a vegetarian diet can help in combating the global warming issues which are taking the whole world into its grab.

One of the reports shared by the United Nations in 2006 states that livestock around the planet produces more greenhouse gases than the combined numbers of trucks and cars globally.

It has also been quoted that manure generates most of the carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide in the same data. Hence, we can always support our ecosystem whilst going along with a vegetarian diet.

7. Good for the economy

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet – Economy

If we talk about US only, five of the diet-related chronic diseases had cost around $1 trillion every year to the country’s economy.

The data includes the overall direct medical costs and all the production loss due to the occurrence of all these major health issues.

The health care expenses may cost you a fortune and by the time you see your retirement age, you may be requiring some good money in your kitty.

Hence, you can simply avoid all these unwanted expenses by getting along with a healthy vegetarian diet.

8. Helps tackle the World hunger issue

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet – world hunger issue

A person dies of hunger every 3.6 seconds across the globe and most of them come as children under the age of 5.

On the other side, a study conducted by Cornell University has claimed that around 40% of the total grains production around the world is been fed to the livestock and the percentage is around 70% in developed countries.

Technically, if this 70% of grain production gets added to the world’s grain supply, over 4 billion people can be fed with the same.

So, while around 795 million people are dying of hunger around the world, this grain would be enough to feed half the human population on earth.

Well, that can be quoted as another big reason to go vegetarian in the current times.

9. You can stop the growing cruelty against animals

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet – Animal Cruelty

We have legal processes for cats and dogs but there isn’t enough legal protection for all those animals which are kept in various factory farms. Once you are on a non-vegetarian diet, you are pushing for the same cruelty in some manner or the other.

Thus, you can come over and join the vegetarian lot to support the protection of all those innocent animals which are killed for the sole purpose of feeding your belly.

10. Diversified cuisines

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet

Benefits of Vegetarian Diet – Diversified cuisines

Once you get on board as a vegetarian, you get yourself opened to a world of the most colorful and diversified cuisines around.

There are a variety of food items that you can try daily without compromising on your taste buds.

Moreover, all those vegetarian diet options can be prepared in various styles and this will certainly avoid your diet plan to get monotonous.

Have a look at various cookbooks online which offer some of the best vegetarian recipes to match your taste buds.

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