Easy Refined Sugar Free Ketchup Recipe (2 Versions)

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Healthy and Refined Sugar Free Ketchup Recipe

Ketchup, which finds its place in all world cuisines with its taste and is loved by everyone, has found a leading role among the sauces thanks to its harmony with the dishes.

Although it was said that it was preferred only in meat dishes when it was first produced in history, now we have discovered the flavor it adds to meatless dishes also, and then we opened a wide area of use for it in our kitchens.

Now ketchup is an essential part of most of the dishes and we can’t avoid this.

However, we cannot be sure of the reliability of the ketchup we consume. Unfortunately, even the best brands fill those bottles with additives.

Moreover, this is not only our problem. Sugar, which most of society avoids, is also a major obstacle to ketchup consumption.

When we face all of these reasons, the process in which we look for ways to make ketchup at home begins.

As time passes, the importance we attach to our health increases, and as consumers, we now know that the best ketchup is the healthiest.

So, should we always compromise on taste when looking for a healthy option? We think the answer to this question is obvious. Nope!

Now, we will learn about safe, delicious, and refined sugar-free ketchup recipes with 2 different versions.

Take note of the ingredient list because it will turn you into an excellent sauce chef in your kitchen.

Refined Sugar Free Ketchup Recipe (With Tomatoes) – 15 Servings

refined sugar free ketchup recipe

refined sugar free ketchup recipe with tomatoes

Per Serving

Calories: 110

Net Carbs: 13g

Total Fat: 3g

Protein: 3g


Tomatoes (11 pounds)

Onion (2, medium)

Olive oil (3 tbsp)

Garlic (2 cloves)

Grape vinegar (0.3 cups)

Grape molasses (5 tbsp)

Cinnamon (0.5 tsp, powder)

Salt and pepper to taste


First, wash the tomatoes thoroughly.

Chop into large pieces along with their skins.

In the next step, finely chop the onion.

Saute the onions with 3 tablespoons of olive oil for about 10 minutes, until they are caramelized.

Add the tomatoes that you just cut into large pieces to the pan.

Then add 1 tsp of black pepper and 1 tsp of salt.

Roughly cut the garlic into 4-5 pieces.

Add the garlic too.

Cook the mixture you prepared until the tomato juice releases, that is until the ingredients are combined.

Then add 0.3 cups of vinegar and 5 tbsp of grape molasses.

Now, turn the fire down.

Boil the mixture for about 40 minutes.

After boiling well, bring the mixture to a smooth consistency with the help of a blender.

Strain the mixture after the blender process.

Here is your refined sugar free ketchup ready.

Recommendation and Tips

You can proportionally reduce or increase the number of ingredients in the recipe according to your own needs and tastes.

You can add little tricks to the recipe. For example;

If you usually prefer hot ketchup, add hot paprika while cooking.

So, what kind of tomato should you choose when making healthy and refined sugar-free ketchup?

The most important point of a healthy ketchup recipe is organic tomatoes. You should choose tomatoes that do not use any chemicals while growing and have not been subjected to any pesticides for rapid growth.

Since organic field tomatoes are the healthiest among tomato varieties, if you want to make healthy ketchup, you should use your preference in this direction in your recipes.

What Can Refined Sugar Free Ketchup Be Used With?

Ketchup is indispensable for kitchens and tables for those who want to make simple recipes more delicious with a little touch. French fries and meatballs are among the most preferred dishes with ketchup.

In addition, kumpir, one of the street flavors where potatoes are the star, is one of the dishes in which ketchup is widely used.

Turkish Kumpir Recipe (Both Vegan and Classic Version)

You can easily use it in your pizzas, crispy chicken wings, hamburgers, pasta, and sandwiches.

Refined Sugar Free Ketchup Recipe (With Tomato Paste) – 4 Servings

refined sugar free ketchup recipe

refined sugar free ketchup recipe with tomato paste

Per Serving

Calories: 95

Net Carbs: 20g

Total Fat: 0g

Protein: 2g


Tomato paste (4.4 tbsp)

Water (0.9 cups)

Beets (0.7 cups)

Sun-dried apricots (0.2 cups)

Celery powder (0.5 tbsp)

Onion (0.3 cups)

Garlic (4.5 tbsp)

Honey (1.8 tbsp)

Paprika (0.5 tbsp)


Pepper and salt to taste


Chop the apricots into small pieces.

Add enough boiled water to cover them.

Set it aside to soften and wait until it becomes tender.

Grate the onion, garlic, and boiled beets.

Then, blend all the ingredients and the apricots (with their water) in the food processor until it reaches a smooth consistency.

Tip: Add a little water occasionally while blending.

And voila!

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