Flicky Keto Salmon Marinade to Try Today | Best Salmon Recipe Ever

You found the best keto salmon marinade recipe. Follow the step-by-step guide to get this recipe from start to finish!

The Best Ever Formula to Make Keto Salmon Marinade

A marinade process can often be tedious and confusing. Especially when you follow a special diet, things can get complicated, and we understand this.

You may think, “Will marination be delicious, break my diet, or suit my taste buds?” With these questions, many people are afraid to try new things when following a special diet. But now, we bring you an old-fashioned, delicious, tried-and-true recipe.

It is a one-pan dish. This means it’s made on a single baking sheet, so it brings in the least amount of dirty dishes, and this recipe is totally keto friendly. You can check the nutritional values below, but to tell you in advance, they only contain 2g of carbs per serving. They also have high fat and high protein ratio.

All these features make it a great dinner option. When you make this recipe, you will have the benefits that salmon brings to your health and get a high-level taste.

But most importantly, when you cook a meal that is compatible with your diet, this will also be a very reasonable meal for all members of the home. So there is no need to worry about cooking separately for everyone.

This is the best salmon marinade formula for a keto diet. Read on to get the end-to-end recipe.

Keto Salmon Marinade (4 Servings)

Keto Salmon Marinade

Step by Step Keto Salmon Marinade

Per Serving

Calories: 600

Net Carb: 2g

Total Fat: 42g

Protein: 52g


Salmon (4 fillets)

Asparagus (20 spears)

Lemon (4 slices)

Marinade Ingredients

Butter (5 tbsp)

Parsley (2 1/2 tbsp, fresh and chopped)

Garlic (2 large cloves – minced)

Salt and pepper

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Recipe – 10min prep / 10min baking time

As preparation will take a very short time, start by preheating the oven first.

Oven temperature: 220°C / 425°F

Recommendation: The oven temperature and baking time can vary for each different oven. So make sure you bake them in a controlled manner.

Melt the butter.

After it cools down a bit, transfer it to a baking tray that can fit 4 salmon fillets.

Mince the cloves of garlic.

Put it in the butter.

Finally, chop the parsley, add some pepper and salt, and mix well with the marinade.

Take the salmon on the baking tray.

First, smear the salmon thoroughly in this front and back marinade, then place it on the baking tray.

Place the asparagus in the center of the baking tray.

Put the tray in the oven and bake for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, take one of the baked salmon on a serving plate.

Pour a couple of tablespoons of marinade sauce from the baking tray on top.

Place 5 asparagus right next to the salmon.

Finally, place 1 slice of lemon on the salmon fillet.

Follow the same procedure for each serving.

Bottom Line

With just a few simple ingredients, you’ll save your dinner. In addition, even if you are at the end of a tiring day, this recipe will not keep you busy in the kitchen for hours.

No waiting in the refrigerator, no long periods of baking… With this recipe, it is possible to consume only 20 minutes and prepare a keto-friendly, family-friendly, and nutrition-rich dinner.

If you don’t like it, cut the asparagus from the recipe list, add some keto-friendly beans, or leave this fish as it is.

Give the recipe a try, and feel free to share your opinions with us in the comments.

Bon Appétit!

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