List of Foods Vegetarians Can’t Eat

What is the List of Foods Vegetarians Can’t Eat

Most vegetarians do know about what food they need to eat, but not each of them knows much about the list of foods vegetarians can’t eat. So, if you are on the list, we are here to help you with every piece of information you need in the same regard.

A vegetarian diet is mainly focused on all plant-based food options while restricting the consumption of meat, poultry and fish.

Keep in mind before going through the list of foods vegetarians can’t eat

  • Most of your favorite food product contains an ingredient that is sourced from animals, so it is always recommended to check the labeling before making their purchase
  • While most of the products are marked as vegetarian or non-vegetarian, manufacturers do not include certain hidden ingredients in the list that are sourced from animals.
  • If you are purchasing from the grocery store, do ensure to check the labeling and list of ingredients.
  • If you are ordering it from a hotel or restaurant, make an inquiry in advance about the usage of any such ingredients or substances in your vegetarian food.

So, while we know how to go about it, let’s take a look at the detailed list of foods vegetarians can’t eat.

List of food items that are restricted for vegetarians

1. Yogurt

Now, this may surprise you, but a pack of your favorite Yogurt contains certain amounts of gelatin that are used for thickening its texture. Now the same gelatin is made from the bones, skins and hooves of animals.

So, if you are religiously following a vegetarian diet, check the ingredients list while purchasing a pack of Yogurt from the market.

2. Refried beans

Refried beans

List of foods vegetarians can’t eat – Refried beans

If you are a bean lover, this may sound like bad news. There have been reports and studies in place that have suggested the usage of lard (a kind of beef fat) in canned refried beans.

Still, if you cannot control your cravings for refried beans, check their labeling to ensure whether the same ingredient is used during its preparation.

3. Pie pastry

Not many people are aware of this, but lard is also used to make those pie pastries flaky and tender. But yes, we are talking only about commercially made pie pastries.

So, next time you order your favorite pie pastry from a restaurant, check whether they use lard during its preparation.

4. Cornbread mixes

List of foods vegetarians can’t eat

Cornbread mixes

Most of the commercially made cornbread mixes include lard during their preparation, and this is where it is always suggested that vegetarians check the labeling before making a purchase.

5. Jello

Well, as the name suggests, the product is made up of gelatin, which is, again an animal-based product. Certain vegan jellos are available in the market and can be used as the perfect alternative.

6. Panna Cotta

List of foods vegetarians can’t eat – Panna Cotta

If you are a hardcore fan of this milky dessert, you must be aware of the fact that gelatin is used to set the milk during its preparation. So, being a vegetarian, do consider it in the list of foods vegetarians can’t eat.

7. Hard cheese

Most hard cheeses like parmesan contain an ingredient named ‘Rennet’, an enzyme found in the lining of the cow’s intestine. Rennet plays the role of a hardening agent, and this is how we get that perfectly shaped hard cheese in the market.

Still, if you are a cheese lover, you can go by other available options, like cottage cheese that doesn’t use any substance that is included in the list of foods vegetarians can’t eat.

8. Altoid mints

Altoid mints

Altoid mints

Once again, gelatine is used to prepare Altoids mints, so being a vegetarian, you must skip it.

9. Tortillas

Most of the tortillas are prepared with lard as an essential ingredient, so you must check the label before making its purchase.

10. French fries

Hey, wait! We are not saying that French fries aren’t vegetarian. It’s just about that few restaurants use beef fat for cooking these fries.

Besides beef fat, many consider duck fat for the same preparation and this is where it is often advised to ask the restaurant about the same.

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