Paleo Diet vs Atkins Diet | Big Difference

So, if you are among the lot that is deeply indulged in this ‘ paleo Diet vs Atkins’  scuffle, here are some answers for you.

Speaking of the Atkins diet first, millions of people around the world have successfully achieved their weight loss goals while following this diet plan.

On the other side, the paleo diet has also helped millions of others to reach up to their health and fitness goals.

So the question still stands strong- which diet is more suitable for your specific fitness and weight loss goals?

To find the appropriate answer, we have to take a deep dive into the detailed concepts of both diet plans.

Paleo diet

In layman’s terms, a paleo diet is quite similar to what our ancestors used to eat thousands of years back. That was the time when they were more reliable to meat and other animal-based foods with no access to grains and other plant-based food options.

Speaking of the effectiveness, the diet comes with numerous health benefits for any given person without any significant side effects.

While the diet plan comes with loads of health benefits, there are certain downsides too along the process.

  • Grass-fed meat and locally sourced seafood and fish are more expensive
  • The diet plan works in a one-size-fits-all kind of approach with no flexibility to any given food options
  • This diet plan also doesn’t give much leverage to people with sensitivities and allergies to certain food items
  • Doesn’t guarantee a quick weight loss process as compared to the Atkins diet

Now that we know much about the Paleo diet, let’s head on to its counterpart – the Atkins diet, and explore the overall mechanism attached to this diet plan.

Atkins diet

In the Atkins diet, you are required to cut down on your carbs intake while further increasing your proteins and healthy fats intake within the process. This diet plan is highly recommended for everyone who is looking to lose some good weight within minimal time.

Speaking of food items that are allowed during this diet plan, the list includes all the fresh meat, seafood, vegetables, healthy fats, and whole grains.

Besides carrying all the benefits, the Atkins diet comes on board with certain drawbacks. While following this diet plan, you may experience issues like dizziness, weakness, fatigue, and so on.

On the other side, this diet plan prohibits the consumption of certain food items that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Now, this is where you have to fill up the void with some dietary supplements and medicines.

Paleo diet vs Atkins – which one is best for you?

Paleo Diet vs Atkins

Paleo Diet vs Atkins

You cannot deem one diet plan as ‘bad’ and the other one as’ good’,  after seeing the above-mentioned facts and information, Both the diet plans come on board with their significance in respective aspects of life.

So, if we have to decide a winner in this ‘Paleo diet vs Atkins’ battle, we have to analyze the relevance of these diet plans within the below-mentioned aspects.

Weight loss

Atkins’s diet can certainly be termed as the winner here. This is because if you are on a weight loss regime with the Atkins diet, the results can be visible in your body within a few weeks.

On the other side, the Paleo diet is more about bringing a healthy dietary pattern into practice.


Again, the Atkins diet scores well ahead of its counterpart here. While the Paleo diet is mostly been deemed expensive, the same is not the case with the Atkins diet.


Now, this is where the Paleo diet comes as an undisputed winner. You can think about practicing the Atkins diet for a few weeks or months but cannot take it forward for the long term.

On the other side, the paleo diet is quite effective in the same respect and can be practiced for longer periods without any major issues.

Summing it up

Hence, after doing a detailed comparison between these two diet plans, we can certainly say that both of them come with their pros and cons.

So, if you are someone who would like to lose weight in minimal time, the Atkins diet is the right way forward.

Similarly, if you are looking for a healthy lifestyle for a long-term period, the Paleo diet is the best option to go ahead with.

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