5 Delicious No Bake Paleo Desserts

You can always make room for no-bake Paleo desserts in your meal plan. Not only do they come over as a perfect way to satisfy your taste buds, but you don’t need to compromise your health too.

On the other side, rarely anyone enjoys turning those ovens on during the summer heat, and this is where we are keeping these as baked desserts.

What are No-bake Paleo desserts?

You have to use all the organic ingredients while preparing these desserts. Hence, you cannot use any whole grain, dairy, or any other added preservatives.

Even though these No-bake Paleo desserts are good on the health part, you won’t find any difference in the taste aspect.

That said, let’s jump onto our handpicked list of the most amazing No-bake Paleo desserts.

1. Paleo chocolate chip cookie truffles

No bake Paleo desserts

No-bake Paleo desserts – Chocolate chip cookie truffles

There’s hardly any person on this planet who doesn’t like chocolate. So, what’s better than a Paleo chocolate-chip cookie truffle recipe that checks all the boxes on the health part? Something worth dying for.

All you need is almond flour, organic sugar, nut butter, raw cocoa, coconut milk, and dark chocolate chips.

Prepare the mix for the dough balls and the chocolate syrup separately. Once done, freeze the dough balls for about 10 minutes and dip them into the melted chocolate.

That’s it, the incredibly delicious and healthy No-bake Paleo chocolate chip cookie truffles are ready.

2. Chocolate avocado fruit dip

Chocolate avocado fruit dip

How about a heavenly combination of some yummy chocolate and juicy avocadoes? Sounds tempting, right?

It would be best to have some juicy avocadoes, maple syrup, cocoa powder, and some vanilla extract, and you are all sorted.

Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl or blender cup and blend it until it goes smooth.

Once done, add some milk to the same mix and blend it again. Afterward, transfer the whole mix into a small serving plate and serve with some sliced fruits on top.

3. Quick and easy Paleo chocolate pudding

Even though this No-bake Paleo dessert is quick and easy to prepare, it holds all the richness and creaminess of perfect chocolate pudding.

The ingredient list would include organic coconut cream, raw cocoa powder, maple syrup, a pinch of salt, and vanilla extract.

Take a small saucepan and whisk all the ingredients gently. Cook and stir it for some time until you get the bubbles up in the saucepan.

Keep adding the small portions of maple syrup after regular intervals to give that creamy texture to the pudding.

Afterward, remove the heat and let it cool for around 10 minutes.

Transfer the whole mix into a bowl and refrigerate until the mix gets set. Serve with some sliced walnuts or your favorite topping.

4. Walnut maple sugar cookie

No bake Paleo desserts

No-bake Paleo desserts – Walnut maple sugar cookie

Get ready to dive into some childhood memories with this highly tempting walnut maple sugar cookie recipe.

Also, to keep up with your weight loss goals, you don’t need to add whole grains, refined sugar or dairy to this no-baked Paleo dessert.

Just take some maple sugar, almond flour, vanilla extract, maple syrup, salt, baking soda, and crushed walnuts for toppings.

Whisk the whole mix in a large bowl until it turns into a smooth and thick dough kind of paste.

Afterward, chill the whole mix in the refrigerator for around 20 minutes and then put it on a heated pan with a cookie scoop.

Let it cook appropriately from both sides until it turns golden brown.

5. Easy Paleo chocolate almond butter bar

Whether running late for the office or your Gyming session, these easy-to-prepare and highly delicious chocolate almond butter bars can be your go-to snack.

While being high on taste, they also don’t bring any harmful ingredients into your body.

You require some almond flour, coconut milk, cocoa powder, and some organic sugar.

Prepare the almond butter layer and chocolate topping separately while mixing all the essential ingredients.

Let both the mixes rest in the freezer for around 10 minutes, and once done, place them in ‘one above the other’ form.

Let it freeze for another 40-50 minutes and cut it into bar-shaped pieces after taking it out.

The bottom line for No-bake Paleo desserts

Yes, you don’t always need to ignore your dessert cravings, even while following a Paleo diet.

Just try out these recipes and let us know about your feedback and experiences in the comments section.

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