High Protein Lunches to Take to Work (With Only 3 Ingredients)

You are looking for high protein lunches to take to work because you are tired of thinking about what to order to the office every afternoon. If you are tired of office meals, a small lunch that you can carry with you will be enough to make you happy. Healthy options are waiting for you with only 3 ingredients.

High Protein Lunches to Take to Work Made With 3 Ingredients (10 Recipes)

If you have limited alternatives for meals in the office and your goal is to get full in the healthiest way, the best way to avoid extra costs and unnecessary calories is to carry your meal with you. While we love to carry handmade, social media-worthy meals in our bags every day, the truth is that busy schedules and hectic mornings often make practical options where our prep time will be shortest the best choice. Now you will learn to make a delicious and nutritious lunch by grabbing just three ingredients as you walk out the door. Here are some delicious combinations for you to try. Keep in mind that preparing in the evening may save you more time.

High Protein Lunches to Take to Work

     1. Quinoa – Black beans – Red pepper

The quinoa that you cook overnight can quickly turn into a hearty lunch. Grab a can of beans and paprika for a protein-packed lunch! Mix them all together and voila, one of the best high protein lunches to take to work ready!

     2. Grated Cabbage – Chicken Breast – Avocado

No time to cut lettuce? No worry! Buy prepackaged shredded cabbage, this will ensure you have a ready-made salad base. While adding a source of protein with a piece of chicken leftover from your dinner, you’ll benefit from healthy fats with creamy avocado! Mix them all together and grab your delicious lunch and leave the home.

     3. Whole Wheat Bread – Tuna – Low-fat cheese

High protein lunches to take to work

High protein lunches to take to work – Tuna sandwich recipe

Canned tuna is one of the healthiest, tastiest, and most practical dishes available. Add a can of drained tuna on your wholemeal bread and enhance the flavor with low-fat slices of cheese.

     4. Baked Potato – Black Beans – Salsa

Potatoes tend to get bad reviews when it comes to healthy eating. However, with the right cooking method, starchy vegetables are full of 5-8 grams of protein and 4-6 grams of fiber. It can become a filling meal with a nice combination. Puncture the top of the potato several times with a knife and bake over high heat. When it is cooked, slice in the middle, sprinkle beans on it and put it in your box with tomato sauce.

     5. Whole Wheat Pasta – Chicken Breast – Spinach

With the addition of whole wheat pasta, grilled chicken breast and spinach leaves, which you can save time by preparing from the evening, your lunch can be festive with an Italian-inspired meal.

     6. Whole Wheat Tortilla – Mixed Vegetables – Low-fat Cheese

The best aspect of this lunch is that you can include almost any veggie you have in your home. After adding the vegetables and low-fat cheese of your choice into your wholemeal tortilla, fold it and heat it in the oven for 30 seconds. Your delicious and healthy quesadilla is ready. The only thing missing is the delivery fee and the lack of high calories!

     7. Green lentils – Greens – Walnut

Combine the green lentils that you boiled overnight with your greens, add plenty of lemon sauce to your high-fiber and protein-rich salad, and garnish with walnuts. It won’t take up space in your bag, but it will fill your stomach enough.

     8. Granola – Yogurt – Fruits

It is also possible to make granola, which fits perfectly with yoghurt and fruits, at home. If you can’t find time to spare, you can buy the version you like of an additive-free brand you trust. You will have a very satisfying meal with a few spoons of granola, a bowl of yogurt and the fruits you love.

     9. Whole Wheat Bread – Avocado – Radish

High protein lunches to take to work

High protein lunches to take to work – Avocado toast recipe

Mash half an avocado and spread it over two slices of toasted whole grain bread. Put a few slices of radish on this cream full of healthy fats and toast the breads one after the other. Your meal, rich in fiber, is ready. To save time, your two-day lunch is ready in the fridge with four pieces of bread, extra avocado cream and extra radish!

     10. Lettuce leaves – Chicken – Tomato

Undoubtedly, lettuce leaves are the indispensable element of a filling salad bowl. Sliced tomatoes and choose protein-rich chicken or low sodium content turkey breast.

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