Low Carb Turkey Wrap Without Tortilla

The low carb turkey wrap recipe is light and extremely refreshing. Not only that, but it’s also a candidate for a meal in your keto diet as a very filling alternative.

While it keeps you full for a long time with its abundant fiber structure, it is quite assertive in terms of both taste and protein with its smoked turkey and cheddar cheese slices.

Keto-Friendly Low Carb Turkey Wrap Recipe

We are assertive that this recipe is ideal for everyone. So how can it be possible?

Those who are on a low-carb diet, those who just want to avoid sugar, or just want to eat a good meal, picky eaters, ketogenic diet followers, those who want to eat something rich in protein, looking for a low-calorie recipe, or those who want to spend gluten-free days…

As we said, it is suitable for everyone.

It is a great alternative for a quick snack that you can easily consume during your lunch breaks at school or office…

It is one of the most delicious ways to have a balanced diet. Let’s get the ingredients out of the fridge, and get to work. Low carb turkey wrap is ready to meet you.

Low Carb Turkey Wrap (1 Serving)

Low carb turkey wrap

Low carb turkey wrap recipe

Nutritional Facts

Calories: 405

Net Carb: 7g

Total Fat: 31g

Protein: 22g


Smoked turkey (3 slices)

White cheddar cheese (2 slices)

Mayo (1 tbsp)

Fresh mint (4 leaves, chopped)

Curly endive (5 leaves)

Iceberg lettuce (4 leaves)

Paprika powder (1/2 tsp)

Tomato (2 thin slices)

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Recipe – 10min prep time

Make a sauce by mixing mayonnaise, fresh mint, and paprika.

Tip: You can use 1.5 tbsp mayonnaise if you wish.

Bring a piece of parchment paper and lay it out on a flat surface like a cutting board.

Arrange the lettuce leaves on it to form a square, without leaving any gaps.

Spread the mayonnaise mixture on the lettuce leaves.

Put the smoked turkey slices, cheddar cheese slices, and tomato slices on top of each other.

With the help of the parchment paper, roll your wrap tightly.

Fold the edges of the baking paper.

Then cut the low carb turkey wrap in half and serve.

Tip: If you want to use a tortilla, you can put your keto tortilla at the bottom and follow the same process.

Dip Sauce Recipe For Low Carb Turkey Wrap

Low carb turkey wrap

Dip for low carb turkey wrap

How about a low-carb dip that you can serve with such a yummy wrap?

Bring a saucepan to start preparing the dip.

Melt 1/2 tbsp of butter by stirring.

You can use low or medium heat for this.

Add 6 oz cream cheese and 8.5 oz whipped heavy cream and continue mixing.

Let it boil.

Now put the saucepan on the lowest heat and cook until it thickens.

Keep the saucepan lid closed throughout this process.

Add 1 tbsp of soy sauce, black pepper, and salt, mix a little more and turn off the fire.

Bottom Line

If you are new to following this type of low-carb diet and admit that you are feeling a little sad, you can stop worrying about it now.

Because there are many ingredients that are both low-carb and extremely yummy.

You don’t even need to be stuck with the ingredient list. For example, you may not be much of a smoked turkey fan. Instead of ignoring this recipe, replace the turkey with another low-carb option.

You can replace it with grilled or baked meat or chicken then create the best for yourself.

You can use all the dip sauces you like to consume with low carb and turkey. You can also add any sauces and vegetables you want to your wrap.

If you want a more gastronomic dish, take some boiled broccoli or cabbage as a side dish in addition to your wrap.

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