Keto Carnivore Diet – Lose Weight Like a Lion

Keto Carnivore Diet – Overview

You might have heard about the Carnivore Diet, where you are restricted to eating only meat and animal products.

If you are not comfortable with eating meat and only meat for several days, then there’s a different version of this diet called the Keto Carnivore Diet.

Everything you need to know about the Keto Carnivore Diet is given in this article.

What is the Keto Carnivore Diet?

We all know about the types of food allowed during the Carnivore Diet period i.e. meat and animal products only.

However, the Keto Carnivore Diet reduces the list of products you can consume while following the Carnivore Diet. The Keto Carnivore Diet aims to reduce your carb intake to zero.

What is Keto Carnivore Diet

What is Keto Carnivore Diet

Ketogenic diets are not ideal for everyone and one should not follow them without permission from their physicians. The human body requires a lot of carbohydrates as it is the primary energy source.

When you start following the ketogenic diet, the energy level of your body will start to drop.

This could disturb the functionality of other body organs, too. Therefore, you are requested not to follow any ketogenic diet without meeting your physician or healthcare provider.

Types of Foods allowed to consume in the Keto Carnivore Diet

If you are planning to follow the Keto Carnivore Diet, then you are allowed to eat the following food items only:

  • Limited dairy products
  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Beef
  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Eggs

What are the Benefits of the Keto Carnivore Diet?

Several health benefits are associated with the Keto Carnivore Diet, which you must know before you start following it. Let’s check out the health benefits of the Carnivore diet to your body.

Helps Reduce Body Weight

The Keto Carnivore Diet is a low-carb and high-protein diet with critical ingredients to lose body fat.

If you are frustrated with obesity and want to cut down those extra pounds from your body, this diet is a good option if you like to eat non-veg items.

Increases Metabolism

A high-protein diet gives your body the required energy and nutrients to deal with day-to-day activities. Protein is known to increase your body’s metabolism.

When your body’s metabolic rate is good, your body fat starts burning faster.

Regulates Insulin Level

Dairy intakes such as milk, curd, and other items are not allowed to be consumed during the keto carnivore diet as these products are high in lactose, which can disturb the insulin level in your body.

On the other hand, you can consume other dairy products containing a lower level of lactose, such as cheese, cream, bone marrow, etc.

The Schedule of the Keto Carnivore Diet?

The simple day menu for the Keto Carnivore Diet is given below. You can replace the items listed below as per your taste and the availability of the food items that you have.

Keto Carnivore Diet Plan for Breakfast
  • Bacon, Eggs, etc.
Keto Carnivore Diet Plan for Lunch
  • Beef, Salmon, Turkey Burger, etc.
Keto Carnivore Diet Plan for Dinner
  • Chicken, Cheese Slices, Cream, etc.

Note: You can prepare a variety of dishes containing these items without sugary items. Keep the spices and other ingredients low.

Are there any risks associated with the Keto Carnivore Diet?

Since this diet program is highly restrictive, there are many consequences that you have to face if you are not a healthy person.

This program requires you to eliminate multiple groups of foods from your daily intake and grants you to eat only meat and dairy products.

As per the experts, if you are struggling with any type of health-related problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol level, or any other type of cardiovascular disease, you should not try out this diet as your body will not tolerate this.

Meat and the other products that you can consume during the Keto Carnivore Diet are hard to digest. Even if your body’s digestive system is good, you might experience digestion problems.

Meat and other dairy products carry saturated fats, which could increase the cholesterol level in your body.

What’s wrong here is that saturated fat is not good for your body as it increases the level of bad cholesterol, which could invite blood pressure or cardiovascular problems.

The Bottom Line:

The Keto Carnivore Diet is a highly restrictive program that is not idle for everyone.

According to experts, this diet program is not a good choice even if you agree to follow it as the number of cons of this diet program is higher than the number of its pros.

If you have already followed any ketogenic program before, then you can follow this diet program with the permission of your family physician. If your doctor grants you to follow the keto carnivore diet program, go for it!

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