Intermittent Fasting Without Keto Diet

Intermittent Fasting Without Keto Diet – Overview

Before you think about getting started with Intermittent fasting without a keto diet, you have to understand how both processes work.

Most people switch to a keto diet with intermittent fasting to fasten their weight loss process. Furthermore, both methods are quite sustainable.

So, is it possible to go with Intermittent fasting without following a keto diet? Let’s find out.

How Intermittent fasting without the keto diet works?

Intermittent Fasting Without Keto Diet

Intermittent Fasting Without Keto Diet

During intermittent fasting, you are supposed to skip your meals and eat fewer calories. As a result, our hormones related to weight control get triggered.

You can still lose some good pounds with Intermittent fasting without practicing a keto diet in the process.

While you are skipping meals during intermittent fasting, you are not supposed to have substantial portions of food during the eating period. Doing this can certainly put all your efforts in vain.

Why is the Keto diet not always the best option for your health?


For all those who are not aware of this medical condition, Ketoacidosis triggers many issues within our body like dehydration, difficulty in breathing, and bad appetite.

These conditions are generally associated with diabetes, and studies have found that lactating women have been the biggest victims.

This is because lactating women need more carbs to enable the hormonal functions within their bodies. Hence, following intermittent fasting instead of low carb (keto) diet is always a better option.

Keto diet and hormonal function

Even though a low-carb diet helps you lose some quick weight, it still doesn’t support the hormonal function within your body.

Carbs play a crucial role in the functioning of hormones, and the low-carb diet certainly acts as a significant barrier to the same process.

The same situation may lead to amenorrhea in women – a medical condition caused by consuming fewer calories and carbs.

Low production of Leptin

A diet that is low in carbs can majorly impact the production of leptin in the human body. Speaking of Leptin, it is a hormone produced by the fat cells of our body.

Furthermore, they play a crucial role in the regulation of reproductive hormones in women. If you are following meal plans like the Keto diet, the production of leptin in your body may get hampered.

Hence, if you are a woman that is looking to conceive, you must opt for intermittent fasting instead of a keto diet.

How to get the best out of Intermittent fasting without a keto diet?

Going blindly through intermittent fasting without keto is not a good idea. You have to keep a check on several things on your way forward.

1. Quality of food

You cannot take the best benefits out of intermittent fasting without a keto diet if you do not include the right kind of food on your platter.

Try bringing all the wholesome single ingredient food in your diet plan during your eating periods. That way, you would not be making any mess of the efforts you have put in during the intermittent fasting.

2. Track your calories

It’s not like that you can eat loads of calories after the conclusion of the fasting period. Instead, try going for a low-calorie diet to keep up with the hard work you have displayed during the fasting period.

This is quite crucial as keeping a tab on your daily calorie intake would eventually make you lose some good pounds within no time.

3. Stay consistent

You cannot directly jump in and out of intermittent fasting without a keto diet. Hence, try staying consistent and determined during the intermittent fasting period to achieve the desired results.

You can try going for different kinds of intermittent fasting methods and pick the one serving best to your needs.

4. Stay patient

Intermittent fasting without keto requires some good patience as your body still needs time to adapt to the new schedule and routine.

So, stay relaxed and calm while going through the process, and you can achieve some tremendous results in the end.

Summing it up

Intermittent fasting without keto is highly effective for people that cannot go well with a low-carb diet due to different health reasons.

Still, you must consult with a doctor or physician before kickstarting this process.

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