Intermittent Fasting Keto Schedule

Losing weight becomes a bit easy once you enter into Ketosis through the Intermittent fasting Keto schedule.

Now, before you start with this schedule, you have to stay aware of specific critical points in the same aspect.

The overall phenomenon of Intermittent fasting

If you take a look into the same process from a layman’s perspective, Intermittent fasting is mainly focused on eliminating the ‘overeating’ habits of human beings.

There is no thumb rule of getting started with intermittent fasting, and you can go by numerous methods available around.

Once you get into a habit of skipping breakfast or skipping meals between a certain period, your body would start using the existing glycogen stores for energy purposes.

Now that’s where combining a Keto diet with Intermittent fasting has derived some fantastic results for all the fitness enthusiasts around.

Keto diet and Intermittent fasting: The perfect combo!

During the initial phases, your body would find it difficult to adjust to the new intermittent fasting keto schedule. You may come across all the hunger pangs and untimely cravings, but the same would disappear after a specific time.

This is because your body would start getting its energy from the stored fat and ketones. Now, the key phenomenon responsible for the same fasting, fat loss, and better health are Ketone productions and insulin reduction within your body.

Furthermore, Once your body enters the fasting zone, the insulin levels deteriorate drastically. The same process then triggers the fat release from our fat cells while pushing the body to produce more ketones via Ketogenesis in the process.

What is an intermittent fasting Keto schedule?

intermittent fasting keto schedule

What is an intermittent fasting keto schedule?

It would be best if you stay on fats for a specific time while getting along with a keto diet in the process. With this, we are providing you with a sample 3 day intermittent fasting Keto schedule.

Sample intermittent fasting Keto schedule

Monday evening

  • Enjoy your favorite keto diet recipes in the dinner and go to sleep as usual.

Tuesday morning

  • Wake up and go for a brisk walk within 30 minutes. You can have tea or coffee as per your preference, but that is optional due to their tendency to trigger fluid and mineral excretion from the body.
  • To avoid cramping during the walk, please bring along a 1 ltr water bottle with some added unrefined salt and keep sipping it alongside.
  • Continue walking for at least 3-4 hours and keep sipping the water as per your requirements
  • Make video calls, phone calls, or whatever you feel like to keep the walk interesting
  • The core focus here is to push your body to use glycogen stores to enter the ketosis state as soon as possible. Remember that lesser time you take to enter into ketosis, the less exhausted you would feel.
  • If you don’t like to walk, you can also go for some intense workouts like HIIT or Cross fit for around 60 minutes.
  • Once done with the walk or workout, you must intake MCT oil at least 2-3 times during the day. The same would provide you with the required energy until your ketone levels surge naturally.


  • Once you wake up, test your blood ketone levels via a random ketone blood testing kit. Your Ketones levels must be at least 0.7mmol or higher
  • If your Ketone levels stand at exact 0.7mmol, continue with the Intermittent fasting process
  • If it comes lower than 0.7mmol, try going for another walk or workout session and re-test once you come back.
  • You can increase the MCT oil consumption if you are feeling drained or get off from its consumption after entering the ketosis
  • You can further include some specified salts with water to avoid any dehydration


  • Repeat the whole intermittent fasting Keto schedule like the previous day until the evening
  • You can now break your fast by binging on your favorite Keto diet recipes.

Summing it up

An intermittent fasting Keto schedule is quite an effective way to boost the weight loss process. Still, you have to stay careful while monitoring every aspect during the fasting process for the best results.

Avoid this schedule if you suffer from any health issues like diabetes, hypertension, or any heart disease. Furthermore, do consult with your doctor or physician before starting along with the same.

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