Best Intermittent Fasting Schedule | 10 Years Younger Metabolism in 30 Days

You are in the right place for the most effective intermittent fasting schedule. Because what you are about to read will change all your minds.

What is the Most Effective Intermittent Fasting Schedule?

Professor Doctor Yavuz Yorukoglu told that the best way to lose weight is not to eat frequently. Stating that we should forget about frequently eaten meals or diets made by restricting calories per day

Pointing out that healthily losing weight is one of the challenges that people deal with the most in the modern world.

Yorukoglu mentioned that this is exactly why information pollution and misdirection are as common as the problem of losing weight.

He especially emphasized that people should not be fed 6-7 times a day. He even claimed that those who do not lead such a life ‘get 10 years younger in 30 days.

This rejuvenation is metabolic. And we think it’s very important to achieve that.

No matter how healthy the food you eat, every food you eat frequently causes insulin resistance.

For this reason, eating at this frequency for a long time causes the development of insulin resistance in humans. Dr. Yorukoglu says that this means that the body ignores insulin, he says that the obvious result of this is the first step of diabetes.

The Secret of Healthy Weight Loss

Best intermittent fasting schedule

Best intermittent fasting schedule – Healthy weight loss

Yorukoglu mentioned that for the first item, 2 meals a day is enough for everyone. For the word ‘breakfast is the most important meal’, he said, “This is a misunderstood urban legend”.

He said that breakfast is not harmful, but it is not the most important meal of the day, and that it is just an advertisement for a cereal brand in the 1950s.

So what is the most effective intermittent fasting schedule? The answer is very simple. The secret is very clear based on scientific data:

We quit the snacks. We only eat based on 2 meals. The fasting hour starts at the hour when no one should eat.

So what is this time? 8 pm. This covers 8 pm and after when no one should eat. Because what you eat after 8 pm cannot be digested. When the fast ends, it is midnight.

Dr. Yorukoglu stated that people had tried diets for years and failed, and as a result, hundreds of people who went to see him after making an appointment for surgery got rid of unwanted weight with this method before surgery.

In addition, he also states that daily walking between 12 pm and 8 pm, before your fasting starts, significantly accelerates the rate of fat burning.

So What to Eat in This Diet?

We are all aware of the fact that there is no weight-loss food in this diet. But one of the most important elements of losing weight is to consume fiber foods. These include vegetables, legumes and plenty of salads.

This type of diet not only makes it easier for you to lose weight but also feeds the beneficial probiotic bacteria in the intestines.

As a result, your sugar and cholesterol risk decreases or your existing diabetes and cholesterol diseases appear to regress.

In addition to fiber, you need to include complex carbohydrates in your diet. Create the perfect balance by including whole grains and fruit.

How I Support Weight Loss While Fasting?

Best intermittent fasting schedule

Supporting weight loss

As we just mentioned above, spend any part of your time walking before the fasting period starts. You’ll be surprised how much even a half-hour of your time burns fats.

Eat-in moderation. Do not include more in your meals than you can burn. If you want to add, move more on these days.

Dr. Yorukoglu says that this program is the easiest diet program in the world. Because there is no ban on the diet for 30 days (We just need to stay away from alcohol and desserts).

There is no snack consumption. There are only 2 meals and you do not even need to calculate calories in these 2 meals.

How Much Weight Can I Lose in This Program?

Those who honestly follow the program as stated above will have lost 10% of their weight at the end of 30 days. For example, a person weighing 90 kilograms will have lost 9 kg/13 lb, at the end of 1 month.

Will Filter Coffee Accelerate My Weight Loss During IF?

Best intermittent fasting schedule

Best intermittent fasting schedule – The effect of filter coffee

Let us tell you that drinking coffee is not about excessive weight loss. But a simple cup of filtered coffee without milk or sugar will only slightly help you speed up your metabolism.

Its rate of speeding up your metabolism is 2%.

How Many Liters of Water Should I Drink Per Day During IF?

There is no water limit imposed on you in this program intermittent fasting diet. Drink as much as you see fit that is, as much as you are thirsty.

“Just as drinking a lot of water is not healthy, it won’t help you lose weight, either,” says Dr. Yorukoglu

To Sum Up

This intermittent fasting program is the easiest to implement and to get used to among all diets. A diet where we can achieve weight loss as soon as possible, in a healthy way and as it should be.

Start fasting at 8 pm. For someone who is supposed to sleep at midnight, most of the fast will be spent in sleep anyway. Have your breakfast with a coffee and have your first meal at noon.

After a few hours, go for a peaceful walk or do some light exercises at home. Eat your last meal towards the evening and stop consuming at 8 pm again.

There is no restriction on what you eat. Be sure to eat only as much as you can burn. Avoid desserts and alcohol as much as possible. Try to eat a balanced to help your diet. That’s all!


Prof. Dr. Yavuz Yorukoglu

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