10 Tips to Get Started with Brazilian Diet Plan

Brazilian Diet

Brazilian diet has become the talk of the town in no time and quite recently, the Brazilian food guidelines have been quoted as the ‘Best and healthiest in the world”. That said, we would straightaway imagine the tall and toned bodies of famous Brazilian models like Adriana Lima and Gisele bundchen.

Surprisingly, the Brazilian diet isn’t something which has been designed by some fancy dietician or nutritionist. Instead, the 143-page Brazilian weight loss plan was drafted by country’s government in order to push the people towards a healthy lifestyle.

So, if you are someone who is looking to shed some extra weight without compromising on your fitness, follow these key principles of the Brazilian diet.

1. Don’t think about the food pyramid!

One of the best things about the Brazilian diet is its simplicity and this further means that you don’t really have to follow the traditional food pyramid. You also don’t need to track your calories and intake of all the micronutrients.

If we go deep into the Brazilian diet plan, we will find the presence of mainly all the traditional and fresh food items. This includes food which is sourced from natural surroundings and prepared in a safe and healthy manner.

2. Eat just like how your Mom told you!

When we talk about the meals, you certainly need to go by the cooking of your mom at home. This is where the Brazilian diet scores a winner by bringing the most traditional meals on your platter.

You can try out the simple lunch meal of beans, rice and veggies and try out the dinner menu with some chicken, rice and beans again. When it comes to desserts, opt for some fresh fruits in place of high-on sugar stuff available in the market.

3. Limit your sugar, oil and salt consumption

The Brazilian diet mainly focuses on the inclusion of healthy food items instead of the processed food stuff and this is where you have to avoid food which is high on sugar, salt and oils. Still the Brazilian diet is about promoting good nutrition and not just restricting your diet plans so you can take the limited quantities of the all the above mentioned food items.

It must be noted that a Diet high in sugar, salt or oil can increase the overall calorie intake and eventually make you go overweight.

4. Avoid ultra-processed foods

To get the best out of your Brazilian diet plan, you need to say no to all the ‘ultra-processed” foods like instant noodles, soda and packaged foods. All of these food items are said to be increasing your calorie intake and also bring a whole lot of chemicals & preservatives on your platter.

You may also come across various processed foods quoting themselves as “healthy’ but the truth is always otherwise. So, cut their consumption in order to bring on the healthy balance in your meals.

5. Go for regular meals without any snacking

The Brazilian weight loss diet plan calls for regular meals without any snacks in between. The biggest reason to exclude the snacks is simply their processed form and lack of any nutrition. On the other side, the regular meals will give you enough energy and nutrition to stay by the whole day.

Additionally, you must not consume all the food in bulk in those meals and must opt for smaller portions on regular intervals as per your dietary needs.

6. Go Local and fresh with your grocery list!

The Brazilian diet plan right focuses on the fresh food items which are sourced from the local natural surroundings .It further recommends all the freshly grown fruits, veggies and grains by the local farmers instead of the packaged stuff available in the market.

The main idea here is to cut off any chemical exposure to the food that is coming to your table. Hence, the aim must be towards buying the fresh and organic produce from the local farmers.

7. Try eating in a clean, quiet and comfortable place

As per the guidelines in the Brazilian diet, your diet plan goes a lot by the place where you are having your meals. This further means that you are tend to overeat if you are having your meals in unconventional places like park, car, hotels or else.

There was a study which got published in American journal of clinical nutrition which quoted that distracted eating often takes you to overconsumption.

8. Don’t forget to exercise!

While good nutrition must be part of your lifestyle in the Brazilian diet, you must also focus on the exercising part. Although there haven’t been any specific recommendations by the Brazilian government in the same regards, the US department of health and human services recommends 150 minutes of moderate aerobics activity or 75 minutes of hardcore aerobic activity on a weekly basis.

If you are someone who is new to exercising, you can start ahead with some brisk walking and eventually take it further.

9. Share the knowledge!

The Brazilian diet always comes with the notion of spreading the right knowledge and awareness about the health and nutrition. Even the Brazilian government has recommended its people to share their knowledge regarding healthy diets and cooking styles to the future generations.

This must be done in order to make everyone aware about the significance of healthy eating and living. So, when you are around with your family or friends in a get together, go ahead and share some tips regarding a healthy and well-balanced Brazilian diet.

10. Encourage eating in groups

Are you someone who eats a lot when alone? well, you are not the only one as a normal human being is tend to eat less only in groups and he or she goes for overeating whilst eating alone. This is where eating in groups is always a part of every culture or community since centuries.

So, you must always eat in groups with your friends or family and enjoy every bit of it whilst bringing fewer calories to your platter. Brazilian diet always recommends the same aspect and this is the reason most of the Brazilians eat in groups.


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