What are the Health Benefits of Keto Diet?

Health Benefits of the Keto Diet

The Keto diet is making headlines all across the globe and people are simply going crazy about this “most trending” diet regime.

Well, if we talk about its popularity, there have been more than a million searches on Google every month regarding the “much talked about” Keto diet.

Although most people and health experts deem the keto diet as highly effective in weight loss, there are certain risks attached too.

It’s just not about the common people who want to go deep with this diet regime and the health experts around too are taking a big interest in the keto diet lately.

In the year 2015, there were only 159 studies in the same regard, which got listed in the PubMed database (operated and managed by the US national library of Medicine).

Eventually, the number got doubled in the year 2018, which certainly confirms its raging popularity among the masses.

What is a Keto diet?

The Keto diet consists of a high-fat content (70-75%), moderate protein content (15-20%) and very low carb content (5%) of your daily calorie consumption.

It’s quite different from a typical American diet, where the carb consumption is around 60% and this is where it requires sheer discipline in the process.

Once you start along with the Keto diet, your body will enter the “Ketosis” state which means that it has started burning fat content in the body for the energy requirements.

There are several ways to ascertain whether your body has entered into the same state during the Keto diet, like using a Urine ketone strip or a blood prick meter.

Various health benefits of the Keto diet

1. Weight loss

The effectiveness of the Keto diet in weight loss can say to be the biggest reason behind its worldwide popularity.

Once you are on a keto diet, you will be consuming fewer carbs and the body will burn the existing fat around to feed in the energy requirements. Thus, all that flab around will eventually burn to make you achieve your weight loss goals.

2. Reduction in appetite

Health Benefits of Keto Diet

Health Benefits of Keto Diet – reduction of appetite

Once again, if you are looking to track or cut down your overall calorie intake, the Keto diet can help you to a great extent.

This is simply because of the fact that the keto diet helps in reducing your overall appetite. As you will be consuming more protein and fewer carbs, you will feel less hungry in the process. This will eventually lead to lower calorie intake.

3. Help with type 2 diabetes

Health Benefits of Keto Diet

Health Benefits of Keto Diet – Type 2 diabetes

While being on a keto diet, your blood sugar levels decrease to a big extent. Although there may be a chance that your body will enter into a hypoglycemia stage, this needs to be practiced carefully.

4. Treating certain types of cancer

Health Benefits of Keto Diet

Health Benefits of Keto Diet – Treating cancer

It has been proved in certain medical studies that going with a Keto diet along with chemotherapy treatment helps in treating certain types of cancer quite effectively.

Still, this needs to be practiced under the strict instructions and supervision of a professional physician.

Increased levels of good cholesterol

High-density lipoprotein ( HDL) which is known as good cholesterol is boosted while being on a Keto diet. This is because the body is consuming high saturated fat than carbs.

5. Helps in Polycystic ovary syndrome ( PCOS)

Health Benefits of Keto Diet

Health Benefits of Keto Diet – Polycystic ovary syndrome

All the women who are experiencing the PCOS issue come at a higher risk of diabetes and obesity.

This is where a keto diet can help in a big way with its low carb, high protein nutrition regime. Still, clinical supervision is advised before you start over a keto diet during this health condition.

6. Dementia and Alzheimer

There are certain studies published in various medical journals which confirm the effective role played by a keto diet in treating diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

It would also help the person to gain lean muscle mass in the process.

People with these issues have been checked for the same observation and most of them have been found with better memory functioning in the process.

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