Why Women From These 5 Countries Have Amazing Bodies?

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They always say that “the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” and all the women are beautiful. In reality, the perception of men about the beauty of a woman is different.

Men’s initial attraction is almost always physical (yes, physical includes soul-match feeling thing at first sight).

Conversely, when we talk about the most beautiful women worldwide, their diet and lifestyle play a vital role in keeping up that fantastic shape.

They got to watch “what they eat “and “how they eat” elements more often than others. Apart from their diet, they have to do various exercises to maintain their incredible bodies and fantastic body dimensions.

So, as we talk about the ‘women with amazing bodies” globally, let’s look at the elite list.

1. France (Bread and Cheese? Really?)

Diet type: Dukan Diet Plan

French women are deemed one of the prettiest in the world and are also known for amazing bodies (in general).

Still, if we look at their daily diet,, that would be a big surprise to most of us. Bread and cheese are one of the most consumed food items in the country and the women around are no exception to it.

So, here comes the big question, “How on earth do they keep up with that fantastic body despite eating bread and cheese? “.

Well, the answer lies in that, for most French women, it’s all about quality rather than quantity. Also, most of them follow the famous diet plan known as the ‘ Dukan diet”.

Dukan diet is a low-carb, protein-based diet invented by French nutritionist Pierre Dukan.

So whether it’s about that calorie-loaded croissant or a decadent cheese type, French women savor every delicacy to its very best, with protein consumption in mind.

This is where they take all the positives out of their breakfast, lunch, or dinner and leave the negatives behind.

Another thing that works in their favor is their choice of eating for the hunger times.

If you have a French woman as a friend or a colleague, you will always see them preferring black coffee over milky lattes. For them, untimely snacking is a big no.

2. Mediterranean Islands (Spain, Italy, and Greece)

Diet type: Mediterranean Diet Plan

Spain, Italy, and Greece are known as the countries from the Mediterranean islands and have often been considered the healthiest countries globally.

There is no point in guessing that the women in all these countries come with fantastic body features and dimensions.

Almost every woman around these countries follows a Mediterranean diet plan, which is high in fats and moderate in carbs and proteins.

If we talk about the food items involved, they are primarily fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, olive oil, whole grains, and smaller portions of meat.

It’s not just about the diet; the women club their eating habits with regular physical activities in the gym or in general.

Hence, they all have been rewarded with health benefits like smaller waistlines, minimal risk of heart diseases, enhanced longevity, and staying immune from health issues like Alzheimer’s and cancer.

3. China

Diet type: The 5 Factor Diet Plan (Yin Yang)

Many people perceive that a Chinese diet mainly consists of fried rice and noodles.

Little did they know that the Chinese diet is still among the healthiest diets globally and the fantastic shape carried by Chinese women is proof of the same fact.

The Chinese women follow the old age phenomenon of the Chinese culture (harmony and balance) into their diets and way of eating.

The Chinese people have their theories about food and as per them, their meals must involve ingredients which are “Yin”(moist and wet) and “ Yang”(crisp and dry).

Most “ Yin” foods are rich in carbohydrates, which cools down the body in the whole process.

Conversely, the “ Yang “food items are primarily protein-rich foods that help heal the body phenomena.

They largely follow the “5-factor diet,” which accommodates 5 different colors to their diets. These principles ensure that all of their meals come up with a balanced ratio of macro-nutrients.

Chinese people also use chopsticks to limit their eating portions and the speed with which they eat.

This, as a whole, contributes big time to making the Chinese women slimmer and fitter than any other women across the globe.

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4. India

Diet Type: Ayurvedic Diet Plan

Indian women are known for their gracious beauty & curvy body and their diet is a significant factor in the same context.

Most follow the famous “ Ayurvedic diet” from the century-old traditional Indian medicine system.

The diet focuses on eating according to the three Ayurvedic doshas (body types): Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

All of the Indian women eat according to their body type and this helps them big time in keeping up with their unique shapes.

Another significant element of an Indian diet is the usage of authentic Indian spices like cardamom, turmeric, cinnamon, and so on.

All of them are known as thermogenic foods, which help enhance the overall metabolism and fat-burning process.

5. the USA

Diet type: Keto Diet Plan

You can’t conclude the list without mentioning the American women known for their perfect bodies and unique features.

We can credit their dietary regimen and hardcore exercising schedule, which has helped them keep it up for so long.

Talking about the diet plan, most American women follow the famous Keto diet, which involves a high ratio of healthy fats, moderate protein, and very low carb content.

America is also famous for its amazing beaches, which has undoubtedly motivated all American women to keep up with their bikini bodies.

Their diet includes Lean meat, fish, eggs, fresh veggies, fruits, nuts, olive oil, sweet potato, oats, and peanut butter.

The diet is highly efficient and has many health benefits like weight loss, low cholesterol, lean muscle, reduced blood sugar, and staying immune to diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer.

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