How to Lose Weight in 3 Practical Steps

How to Lose Weight in 3 Practical Steps

The decades of observations and studies have shown that people tend to get tired of following their diet plans, or weight loss routines.

Fasting correctly is simple but not easy. Some of them find it hard to relate with what they perceive as “ambiguous” postulates of their diet plans or weight loss program.

In this article, we will discuss briefly the three (3) simple steps on what I would consider as the “how to lose weight diet.”

The proponents of this study are realistic, have a simple scientific basis, and are natural approaches for weight loss that would no doubt yield obvious results.

They are simple, easy to relate with, less strict, and although sometimes they run in routines, your metabolism will have fun adapting to them. These steps are enumerated below

1. Eat Fewer Carbs

Yes, you can enjoy yummy meals without carbs if you have the recipes for them. 

By carbs, we mean sugars and starch. These foods have a large store of nutrients that would feed the accumulation of fat rather than reduce it.

Carbs are known for their high energy components as simple, or complex sugars, complex sugars are contained in whole foods, and are safer to eat.

Nevertheless, cut down on your intake of every form of sugar, and starch drastically to facilitate your weight loss process.

These carbs increase the blood sugar level indicative of the insulin hormone which stores the bulk of the fat in the body.

By cutting down on your intake of starch, and sugar you would cause the body to burn fat as a source of energy rather than the energy these carbs supply to the body.

How to lose weight diet proposes that whilst you cut on carbs, a side advantage is that your hunger level is reduced by stabilizing your appetite.

Carb triggers feel-good chemicals (if you care to know they are dopamine, endorphins, serotonin) in the brain which makes you want to eat them again or seek more food.

It is important to note that by attacking the insulin level of the body, water weight through the kidney can be lost too. Results show that by simply sticking to these steps for a start you can lose 2-6pounds (2.72 kg) at the very least in one week!

How to Fast Correctly to Lose Weight

How to Fast Correctly to Lose Weight

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2. Choose Fats, Proteins, and Low Carb Vegetables

A good/healthy blend of these food categories in your daily meal would cover up for the calorie requirement your body needs to (at the very least) run your body’s metabolic processes.

Protein makes the body’s metabolic rate increase to digest its nutrients in a process called the “Thermic effect of food”, this process ensures you don’t lose muscles while you lose fat. Proteins are also known for their ability to suppress appetite and make you full such that you eat less.

Low-carb vegetables like kale, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, cucumber, and more could be eaten as additives to your meal, salads, or soup garnished with meat. They supply all the vitamins, fiber, and minerals the body would need without suffering any deficiencies.

Coconut oil, avocado oil, butter, and olive oils are your reputable sources of fat.

The how to lose weight diet opines that you do not try to avoid eating fat because of the frustration that comes with it. Therefore, eat fats, proteins, and low cab vegetables in a good blend, and simply lose weight!

3. Exercise Thrice a Day

Exercising is profitable in the adventure of weight loss, one major advantage it offers is that it keeps your body metabolism stable (unreduced due to weight loss).

Proceed from light exercises to slightly tedious exercises like weight lifting, it is important to tread with care while you exercise, watch your body responses, and be moderate with your exercise.

Your exercises should run for at least 30 minutes, be careful not to do too much so, you don’t use up more energy you could have used for the day without having to eat more food.

You could see the gym director/doctor for advice on how, and what exercise to take up during the periods of following these 3 step weight loss programs.


These 3 simple steps are how to lose weight diet, their proponents are quite easy to understand.

They help you manage your appetite such that you lose weight without being hungry, or feeling restricted even when your diet plans helps manage your appetite.

The body’s metabolism is well managed during the periods of following these simple steps of diet loss, the only clause to all the three steps is that you tread cautiously with your exercise so, you don’t feel too exhausted, and consume much.

It is noteworthy to add as this article wraps up that you would be doing yourself good by abstaining from other known meals/factors that retard weight loss.

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