Does the Ayurvedic Cleanse Diet Help You Lose Weight?

The Ayurvedic cleanse diet is an internal cleansing experience. Ayurveda, which means “science of life,” teaches our body, mind and spirit to improve.

You can get rid of toxins through the Ayurvedic detox. So, does this diet also make us lose weight?

Does the Ayurvedic Cleanse Diet Help You Lose Weight? Let’s Learn!

The traditional Ayurvedic art of healing brings harmony and balance to our lives and advocates that each individual is unique.

When applied in the right way, it strengthens our entire system. The Ayurvedic cleanse diet cleanses us from the toxic substances in our bodies and provides many powerful levels of regeneration and healing.

For those who ask, “Does it help us lose weight in the meantime?”, The answer is yes!

The Ayurveda detox will also help you lose weight. This is possible with a sample list you can see below.

For Whom Is Ayurvedic Detox Beneficial?

  • If you have digestive problems
  • If you have a constipation problem
  • If you feel tired all the time
  • If you are exposed to stress
  • If you have difficulty focusing
  • If you don’t feel like it should be

In short, the Ayurvedic cleanse diet is suitable for anyone who wants it. This detox also has many benefits;

  • It relaxes the mind and nervous system
  • It brings back the energy, vitality and enthusiasm for life
  • It provides sleep order
  • Speeds up tissue regeneration

Streamline Your Digestion in 1 Day With the Ayurvedic Cleanse Diet

Start your day early. Getting up early is a good opportunity to start the day by relaxing. Brush your teeth as soon as you wake up.

Drink a glass of hot water to cleanse your system and stimulate digestion. You can eat a single type of food throughout the day, as long as you don’t overdo it.

Put half a teaspoon of Triphala powder in a glass of boiling water and wait 10 minutes and drink it. Try to sleep before 10 pm.

Simplified Ayurvedic Cleanse Diet (3 days)

Start your day early.

Brush your teeth as soon as you wake up.

Drink a glass of hot water.

Exercise lightly (like yoga).

Take a shower.

Have a light breakfast with oatmeal. (7-8 am) Eat kitchari for lunch and dinner.

Consume the Triphala powder again with a glass of boiled water before going to sleep.

Go to sleep before 10 pm.

For deep cleansing, you should follow the Ayurvedic detox for a long time. (21 days)

Kitchari Recipe:

Ayurvedic cleanse diet

Kitchari recipe


Mung bean



Fresh ginger


Fresh onion



Chili pepper powder

Powdered turmeric


Chia seed


Add olive oil to the mung beans that you soaked the night before.

In a deep pan, roast chia seeds, fennel, some powdered turmeric, finely chopped garlic, and small chopped ginger.

Add the vegetables, onion, rice and beans, and finally add cumin, some more powdered turmeric, cinnamon and chili pepper and pour a few glasses of water on it.

You can enjoy your kitchari after 20 minutes of cooking.

Active Ayurvedic Cleanse Diet (21 days)

Eat 3 small portions of kitchari during the day. Avoid consuming any other food other than one fruit for your snack. If you are bored with a single food, you can also have oatmeal for breakfast.

Try not to eat after 7 pm. Drink 8-12 glasses of lukewarm or hot water during the day to remove toxins from the body.

Fluid consumption should be between meals.

To sum up

If you have a spiritual relationship with food, you will have good digestion, immunity, excretory system, and energy.

While the general purpose of eating is just to be healthy and fit, you may see other benefits as well.

Since the Ayurvedic cleanse diet does not include processed foods, this can also help you reduce risks such as heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure.

While research is limited, there is some evidence that the Ayurvedic diet can aid weight loss.

You can also lose weight, as the Ayurvedic diet emphasizes paying attention to your body’s hunger cues, eating slowly, and eating only until you’re full, not bingeing.

Unlike diets like keto, where you follow strict dietary guidelines, the Ayurvedic diet allows or even encourages, your own food choices based on your body’s reactions to what you eat.

If a portion of food is giving you bloating or annoying headaches or making you feel generally tired, you can eat less, consume it only at certain times of the day, or exclude it entirely from your diet.

This is the main idea of the Ayurvedic diet.

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