Paleo Vs Whole30

Well, before you decide on the winner of this Paleo vs. Whole 30 battle, you must first understand the basic concepts of both diet plans.

Even though they may sound identical in most aspects, both diet plans are quite different.

Paleo vs. Whole30 – the key differences!

The paleo diet majorly revolves around the diet patterns and eating habits of our ancestors during the Paleolithic era.

You can only consume wholesome foods while eliminating every junk, refined, and processed food item from your diet.

Moreover, the diet must be sourced from most plant-based and animal-based food options like fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, eggs, nuts, and seeds.

Hence, you are not permitted to eat any whole grains, sugar, or condiments.

Speaking of the Whole30 that can be termed as the more disciplined and stricter version of the Paleo diet.

With this diet, you can go ahead with the same foods as the Paleo diet while making crucial changes.

Hence, you have to eliminate sugars, artificial sweeteners, legumes, grains, dairy, and various types of food additives and condiments from your meals.

Paleo Vs Whole30

Paleo Vs Whole30

Another critical difference between the Paleo diet and Whole30 is the duration. The paleo diet doesn’t specify any period to which the participants must practice this diet plan.

If you follow the Paleo diet, you can continue doing it until you feel like it or until you reach your health or fitness goals.

Surprisingly, while sharing all kinds of similarities with the paleo diet, Whole30 doesn’t advocate any such long-term plans.

Instead, it just asks you to go by the diet rules and guidelines until the next 30 days.

During this time, the person can understand their body’s tolerance to certain food items.

It means that after the completion of the 30 days, the person can have a better idea of ‘what foods are good or bad for his /her body.

Whole30 isn’t a diet in the first place. It’s just a short reboot for your body to let you make better decisions regarding your food choices in the future.

Are there any significant variations within the rules and guidelines?

The paleo diet can be deemed as a guideline with a pre-defined food template. Hence, you already have a list of foods that can or can’t be eaten during the diet plan.

Still, the person practicing it can choose any non-paleo food within the duration if he feels it to be beneficial for his health or body.

For example, even though quinoa is not allowed and not included in the Paleo diet food list, you can still consume it while keeping your health and nutrition requirements in mind.

Hence, we can say that this diet plan is flexible enough to accommodate your food choices according to your body’s demands.

Now, the same is not the case with a Whole30. Some rules regarding your diet and lifestyle need to be followed strictly for the next 30 days.

So, even if you don’t find them suitable or adaptable, you cannot change or adjust them.

Moreover, after the completion of the 30 days, you have the option to reintroduce the diet to your routine.

Paleo vs. Whole30 – which diet is more beneficial for your health?

It all depends on your needs and requirements, as both diets have tremendous benefits for your health.

Moreover, both the paleo diet and whole30 are pretty similar to each other and advocate the consumption of wholesome food daily.

Few people choose the Whole30 to get themselves prepared for the paleo diet. Again, many others pick the Whole30 diet and then come to know about the Paleo diet’s lasting benefits.

Hence, it can be said that instead of competing, both diet plans complement each other in most aspects.

So, you always have the option to choose from the short-term or long-term version of a diet away from all processed or refined food.

Bottomline for Paleo vs Whole30

You cannot think of an absolute winner in this debate as both the diet plans are similar.

Just as you have a practice session before the game day in every sport, Whole30 offers you a short-term (30 days) session to prepare for the long-term paleo diet.

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