Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

The Paleo Autoimmune protocol majorly works around the four critical areas that serve as the biggest reasons for most autoimmune diseases. These are :

Paleo autoimmune protocol

Paleo autoimmune protocol – Paleo diet

1. Nutritional requirement

Just like every function and system in the human body, even the Immunity system requires a list of macro and micronutrients for its healthy functioning.

Speaking of macronutrients, you can list down Proteins, healthy carbs, fibers, healthy fats, and so on.

On the other side, micronutrients like Vitamins and Minerals also play a vital role in ensuring the sound functioning of all the body organs and systems.

Additionally, any deficiency of these micro and macronutrient may lead to the progression and growth of certain autoimmune diseases.

Hence, every person is required to focus on the consumption of nutrition-rich foods that can fulfill the requirements of all these micro and macronutrients within their body

2. Healthy Digestive system

Any kind of issue with your digestive system and gut comes as the biggest facilitator for the development of autoimmune diseases. As a result, the entire functioning of the human body gets impacted over a long period.

Hence, while bringing certain nutrition-rich food options on your meal platter, you can help in the elimination of any such issue.

Moreover, the gut microbial composition comes as an important focus area of the autoimmune protocol, both good health and immunity system are quite dependent on each other.

Additionally, issues like Gut Dysbiosis and leaky gut contribute majorly to the growth and development of all such autoimmune diseases.

So, one must keep an eye on the overall health and wellbeing of the gut and the digestive system to keep such issues in check.

3. Hormonal imbalance

Our dietary patterns and schedule play a key role in the proper regulation of various hormones that comes in contact with our immune system.

So, once a person gets ahead with the consumption of processed, refined, and sugary food items, the situation leads to the dysregulation of these hormones.

Now the same situation in the human body can lead to several health complications and diseases.

Additionally, our diet and routine make a lot of differences to the hormone regulation in our body.

So, we have to take care of what we eat, how much we eat, and when we eat in the course of our daily routine.

The Paleo autoimmune protocol comes to the rescue while promoting the regulation of all these hormones with the right and healthiest food options on your table.

4. Regulating the immune system

The immunity system can be regulated by ensuring the proper healthcare and nutrition on a day-to-day basis for your body. The Paleo autoimmune protocol diet comes along with all the ingredients and regulations to ensure a healthy immune system over a long period.

What leads to the growth and progression of these Autoimmune diseases?

Before we jump on to the list of reasons and contributors, we must first understand the overall concept of autoimmune diseases.

An autoimmune disease is a health condition when our body’s immune system( that is meant to ensure its healthy functioning) negatively impacts the functioning of our body organs and systems.

Usually, the immune system is programmed to fight against any kind of infection, germs, and bacteria in our body. During this autoimmune situation, they lose their ability to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy cells.

Eventually, the body gets prone to certain inflammation and allergies that then lead to autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis and lupus.

Scientists and medical experts are still trying to find a validated reason for all such autoimmune diseases.

How can Paleo’s autoimmune protocol help in tackling such a situation?

As mentioned above this Paleo autoimmune protocol targets the 4  major focus areas – Immune system, Hormone regulation, Nutritional requirements, and digestive tract.

Hence, even while the source and reason for these autoimmune diseases are not confirmed, one can think of reducing the growth and progression of all such health complications.

Now, before you get ahead with any such dietary recommendation, you have to consult with your doctor or physician in the same respect.

Bottomline for Paleo autoimmune protocol

This whole protocol may sound a bit complicated at the first go but plays a key role in the elimination of all these autoimmune diseases.

Still, the result may vary depending on the health condition and age of the person so consulting with a trained medical professional beforehand is highly recommended.

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