Can You Lose Weight by Fasting?

Can You Lose Weight by Fasting? – Overview

Visceral fat is stored in the deep belly fat surrounding your organs. Even skinny people may have high levels of it.

If not addressed properly it can lead to diabetes and insulin resistance and inflammation. Keep your diet plan around a low-carb and high-fat diet with intermittent fasting.

Fasting comes as a practice that has its history and relevance across various parts of the globe but when we talk about its significance in a weight loss program, it’s quite phenomenal. 

Ages back when humans weren’t even aware of something like a “weight loss program”, fasting was been used as a method to purify the body whilst flushing out all the toxins.

Still, the role has changed over time for fasting and it’s been used nowadays as a proven method to lose weight by many people.

So while you are still puzzled by the question,” Can I lose weight by fasting?”, let us bring you some relevant answers.

Fasting and its connection with various weight loss plans

When we talk about “fasting” as a general aspect, it involves the consumption of only juice, water or certain low-calorie foods.

There are weight loss plans where some solid foods are allowed during fasting but that still depends on the intensity of the weight loss plan.

Fasting varies according to its implication in various communities and cultures around the world and there are times when people have been on fasts for around a week.

This is where the actual drawback of fasting comes into the picture. If we talk about Kids, adults and even old people, each of them has their minimum calorie requirement daily.

So if one person requires 1000 calories to stay energetic and healthy and he is only consuming 500 calories whilst on fast, it will do more harm than benefit.

So, can you lose weight by fasting?

Can you lose weight by fasting

Can you lose weight by fasting

Drawbacks of fasting for weight loss

When a person goes into fasting mode, he or she eventually starts losing weight rightly because of the calorie deficit daily.

This will then create a lot of health issues within the body and further lead to even muscle loss for that particular person.

Moreover, once the body goes into the fasting mode, it starts burning calories more slowly as our body programming automatically goes into conservation mode. 

If you think you can tolerate low food consumption and high energy density the volumetrics diet plan might be for you.

Another big drawback of fasting on weight loss is once the person returns to their usual eating routine, the body will start gaining weight in a faster manner as the metabolism has gone slower during the fasting period.

Also, the body generally loses the water weight first during fasting and the real fat often stays within the body.

The body will get dizzy, weaker along with lots of fatigue and aches. fasting for a longer duration also causes anemia, liver issues, kidney issues and further leads to a weakened immune system with a  low blood sugar level.

The Bottom line

Dietitians and doctors across the globe have confirmed that fasting for prolonged periods is quite harmful to the body and its proper functioning and this is where you got to give it a thought with your weight loss program.

Well, Intermittent fasting for short periods is still fine but taking it to the longer route is a big no. Instead of going with fasting, you can go with a proper exercise regime with a balanced diet plan.

Eat foods that are rich in proteins, fiber, vitamins, and minerals as this will not only help in feeding the body with the right nutrition but also bring it in shape with a  proper exercising regimen.

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