10 Foods for Kidney Cleansing

Foods for Kidney Cleansing

We all know about the functionality of the little bean-shaped organs- Kidneys in our body. These small-sized organs play a vital role in keeping your body clean from toxins and other harmful bacteria and help purify the blood.

The number of Chronic Kidney Disease patients is increasing day by day just because of not paying attention to these organs. We all need to look after them by adopting basic practices in our daily lives.

Instead of focusing more on your work, you should start caring for your body, as health is the real wealth. Today, we will present the list of foods for kidney cleansing.

The following list contains the things you should consume daily to cleanse up your kidneys so that they can function well and keep your body healthy.

Before jumping onto the list of foods and drinks for kidney cleansing, you should know the meaning of kidney cleansing first.

What is Kidney Cleansing?

Kidney cleansing is consuming food and liquid to self-cleanse these small-sized organs.

There is no rocket science behind kidney cleansing; all you have to do is just eat and drink kidney-suitable things and you will have your kidney cleansed.

Several foods and liquids that you can consume to detoxify the kidney. The process of having such foods and liquid items is called the Kidney Cleansing Diet.

So, if you do not have these items in your diet, then you may experience kidney-related problems in the future.

9 Foods and Liquid Items for Kidney Cleansing

1. Water

Human bodies carry 70% of water. If the water level in your body drops, your body will be dehydrated. It can have bad effects not only on the kidneys but also on other body organs.

Water can wash out harmful bacteria and toxins through the kidneys, ultimately keeping them cleanse.

You all should take up to 8 glasses of water in a day. If you work hard on the field, you might need extra water to keep things going. Depending on your work field and condition, consume more water daily.

2. Apples

Apples carry a good amount of fiber for the digestive system. Apple’s fiber carries out all the toxins through your digestive system.

So, ultimately, your kidney needs not to flush out these toxins. This helps regulate the functionality of the kidneys and keeps them healthy.

3. Berries

Cranberries, grapes, and other fruit juices carry high levels of antioxidants. Berries maintain your kidney’s functionality by reducing inflammation. They contain useful vitamins and minerals that are good for the urinary system.

Cranberries are highly recommended for those who are suffering from chronic kidney diseases. You can also have blueberries, raspberries, and other berries easily available in the market.

5. Melons

Watermelon carries up to 90% of water and is considered the best fruit for keeping your body hydrated.

Melons are good for keeping multiple organs, including kidneys and bladder, cleanse. It also cleanses up your blood by maintaining the blood flow in your body.

6. Egg Whites

Egg contains egg whites and egg yolk, from which egg whites are good for your kidney. Egg whites contain natural protein that boosts your stamina.

It regulates your immune system, which results in a healthy and well-maintained body. Studies have found that egg whites are good for the kidney’s overall health.

7. Garlic

Garlic is good for the entire body. Garlic contains allicin, which carries anti-inflammatory properties that are good for your kidneys and other organs.

Besides this, garlic also maintains blood pressure and removes harmful bacteria and toxins through the digestive system.

8. Ginger

Ginger is known for boosting your digestive system. It regulates the functionality of the digestive system, which is good for your kidneys.

Diabetic patients or those who have damaged kidneys due to alcohol consumption should take ginger regularly as it fights against toxins and also protects your kidneys from further damage.

9. Basil

Basil is considered a natural medicine to cure many diseases. Ancient people used to have basil leaves every day in the morning to remove toxins from their bodies.

Basil is known for regulating the functionality of your kidneys. Basil leaves reduce the level of uric acid in your body, which keeps your kidneys healthy.

Studies have shown that basil is suitable for patients with kidney stones. It breaks down stubborn kidney stones and removes them through the urinary system.

10. Dates

Dates are also good for maintaining the health of your kidneys. Dates carry high fiber and potassium that prevent your kidneys from developing kidney stones.

Conclusion about the Foods That Help Cleansing Kidney

The number of foods and liquids for kidney cleansing is high; we can’t add all of them to this list. You can also have some dairy products, foods that contain a good amount of vitamins, etc.

If you live a busy life and cannot maintain your diet, you can also take supplements from the market that keep your kidneys healthy.

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