How Does The Cinnamon Diet Work?

What is the Cinnamon Diet

This cinnamon diet, which you can easily follow, is great for weight control. It’s a diet with simple, easy-to-acquire ingredients that anyone can follow, regardless of budget or busy lifestyle.

Let’s Learn About The Cinnamon Diet

In recent years, the cinnamon diet has been one of the slimming secrets of many celebrities. This diet is also very practical in terms of preparation and application.

There are many positive effects on those who follow this wonderful diet.

Studies show that it provides blood sugar control, reduces blood, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, increases benign cholesterol and is effective in controlling weight, especially in type-2 diabetes patients.

For example, it has been observed that people who consume one gram of cinnamon every day have a 20% decrease in blood sugar and balanced weight.

Let’s take a look at how it is applied and its benefits.

What is the Cinnamon Diet and How is it Applied?

Cinnamon Diet

Cinnamon Diet – How to apply the cinnamon diet

Those who have a big appetite know that cinnamon is a great spice when it comes to balancing the appetite. If consumed, it balances the blood sugar and prevents sudden hunger cravings.

The World Health Organization even conducts research on the subject.

According to the research, with the consumption of one teaspoon of cinnamon a day, you will feel fuller and you will prevent your sweet cravings. If you are one of those who are trying to lose weight, this diet is for you!

The diet aims to balance your blood sugar to help you eat a balanced diet without getting too hungry. This enables you to lose weight and speeds up the weight-loss process.

To balance blood sugar and suppress your hunger for carbohydrates, soak one or two cinnamon sticks with powder or essential oils in a liter of drinking water until they lightly color and consume them frequently throughout the day.

You can brew cinnamon sticks in warm water for 15 minutes, drink tea, add it to black or any herbal tea and consume it after waiting.

In this way, your metabolism accelerates. You can stay away from carbohydrates and support this diet with a light exercise program and a protein and vegetable-rich diet.

Benefits of the Cinnamon Diet

Cinnamon, which is very useful even as a spice, brings wonderful results when consumed regularly with water and other ingredients.

In addition to the effect of cinnamon on weight loss, it also lowers blood pressure and is good for joint and muscle pain.

High blood pressure patients may prefer cinnamon tea to balance blood sugar and adjust blood pressure at the same time.

Those with low blood pressure should determine the cinnamon tea limit they consume during the day and use it carefully.

Cinnamon water and cinnamon tea is a great way for those who have lost weight to keep it off.

To balance blood sugar and minimize the harmful effects of sugar, do not forget to add cinnamon to all kinds of sweet and meat dishes you consume.

Before following the diet, make sure you are not allergic to cinnamon and do not have any health problems.

How is Cinnamon Tea Brewed?

  • Cinnamon tea can be made from cinnamon powder and peels. When tea is to be brewed from the cinnamon pods, the peels should be washed gently in water and a cinnamon stick should be cut into four or five small pieces.
  • Boiled water is poured over the cinnamon skins and left to infuse for 10 minutes. The important thing here is that the cinnamon skins should not be boiled with water. Cinnamon skins that are boiled with water will lose both their vitamin and flavor.
  • The standard measure used for cinnamon tea is a medium cinnamon stick for 1 cup of water. If powdered cinnamon will be used while making tea, 1.5 teaspoons of powdered cinnamon should be used in 1 cup of water.

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