The Perks of Detoxing: Living a Healthy Lifestyle

The Perks of Detoxing: Living a Healthy Lifestyle and Nailing Down a Job

It’s truly not an exaggeration to say our bodies are constantly assaulted by a vast army of impurities, from outside and within. These “invaders” can include stress inducers like cortisol and adrenaline, impure air, dirty water, processed foods, and inactivity (i.e., too much leisure) just to name a few.

Because of the daily buildup of these toxins in our bodies, people who care about their health choose to “detox” or cleanse their systems periodically. However, such cleansing can also aid other aspects of your life.

So, just what happens when you detox?

Your Energy Level Achieves Its Natural Peak

When you detox or cleanse, you can then replenish with water, carbs, electrolytes, and proteins your body needs to return your system to its most natural state of health—to square one in other words. Toxins can deter and deplete natural invigorators of our bodies and minds, whether it be neurotransmitters, endorphins, or adrenalin.

Toxins and Waste in the Body are Purged

As inferred in the word, detoxify, your body helps itself reach the aforementioned square one by putting its liver, kidney, colon, and other digestive organs to work—without all the clutter that we throw daily into our stomachs and circulatory systems.

For instance, a colon backed up by processed foods (i.e., free radicals) or even unnatural chemicals cannot digest these free radicals naturally, leading to chronic diseases and conditions. Liver and kidney diseases often result from toxins and waste that the body can’t process and remove daily.

It Curbs Obesity

When you detoxify periodically, your body gains a chance to eat healthier foods that better regulate your lean-to-mass ratio when coupled with exercise and other healthy activities. Indigestible sugars and oils rank highly as the toxic culprits of obesity.

A routine of cleansing sets a routine for good health—a habit that instills a daily cognizance of what you put inside your body and how it affects your weight.

It Bolsters Your Immunity

Once your body comes as close as it can to square one via detoxification, your natural immune system no longer regularly faces an army of toxins. Your immune system is now granted a fair fight.

It absorbs the right nutrients more effectively and, therefore, rejects or processes those poisons that invariably invade our digestive tracts and even our lungs.

It Improves Your Skin and Complexion

You may have heard this before: Our skin is often our body’s canary in the coal mine. Skin can wave a red flag about disorders occurring within both our body and mind. It can signal impaired organs, unable to process or expel those toxins that often cause disorders as serious as cancer.

For instance, a deficiency in vitamin C, one of the best nutrients for keeping our digestive tract in order, can be signaled by unhealthy-looking skin.

It Helps Replenish Your Sleep Bank

Our bodies lose their equilibrium when processed foods, oils, sugars, and air pollution particles outdistance healthy nutrients. For instance, our bodies find it harder to attain healthy sleep regularly.

Insomnia, anxiety, and stress reign when our bodies lose their nutrient-to-toxin balance. These conditions serve as impediments to recovery from unhealthy toxins via solid sleep.

It Can Help You Pass an Employer’s Drug Test

According to many home drug testing providers, cleansing or detoxifying the body noticeably improves a job applicant’s or employee’s chances of passing an employer-administered drug test. Because a detox expels unnatural substances and excessive levels of natural substances in our bodies, it can also eliminate traces of narcotics and alcohol.

Whether a test of blood, urine, hair, or saliva, a person who detoxifies can bring traces of drugs to an undetectable and healthy level. Don’t place your potential employment and livelihood in jeopardy! Make sure to cleanse your system before you begin the search for a new job.

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Complementing your cleanse with a handful of detox drinks can greatly increase your chances of passing such drug tests, according to an International Business Times article. It suggests a handful of cleansing drinks that allow the body to purge pot, opiates, and other unfortunately popular, illegal substances from the system. Some can help erase traces in less than five days, which is within the detection window of urine tests, for instance.

If you are detoxing for a type of test that does not detect the use of drugs within 3-7 days before testing but beyond it and up to three months before the test—such as a hair drug test—you best schedule a cleanse or detox two or three times a year.

Indeed, you can even purchase home drug testing kits—found over the counter at most pharmacies—to determine how you might fare in a looming employer-administered drug test. Again, purchase the type of home drug testing kit that best fits your needs regarding the window of detection.

Detox is a Sensible Practice, No Matter Your Reasons

As you can see by the many benefits of detoxifying or cleansing your system, establishing a regular cleansing routine improves your well-being, your protection from diseases, and your chances of being hired should your past include the heavy use of drugs or alcohol.