7 Day Low Purine Diet Plan

7-Day Low Purine Diet Plan

A low purine diet can bring a lot of health benefits. It is ideal for those people suffering from gout.(1)

Gout is a type of arthritis that forms tiny crystallizations in your joints. This can cause swelling of your joints and pain.

You can decrease the formation of crystals by consuming foods low in purines (low purine diet).

This article will discuss what a low purine diet is, what foods are allowed and not allowed, and a 7-day meal plan to help you get started.

What is a low purine diet?

Gout is a condition where uric acid levels in your blood are very high.

When you have more uric acid in your body, it deposits in your joints, causing small crystals. This can cause inflammation and pain in the region.

Currently, there is no cure for gout. However, consuming a low-purine diet can help reduce the amount of uric acid in your blood.

Why does this happen?

Purines are found in certain foods like red meat and sugary foods. When they break down inside the body, they produce uric acid as a byproduct.

Reducing the consumption of foods high in purines can decrease the uric acid in your blood. This leads to a decrease in the risk of developing crystallization and pain.

Who can benefit from a low-purine diet?

People with high uric levels can benefit from following a low-purine diet.

It does not necessarily means that you have gout. You might have high uric levels but haven’t developed gout.

A low-purine diet can help prevent your gout from progressing or reduce the number of flares.

Signs and symptoms of gout

You might not experience the signs or symptoms of gout for days, months, or even years.

Unless you get regular bloodwork, you might have high uric acid levels without knowing it.

However, some symptoms might arise.

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Heat

Factors that increase the risk of gout

There are some factors that can increase the risk of developing high uric acid levels. Here are some of the most common factors.

Being male: Males tend to be more at risk of developing gout than females.

Having chronic illness: Diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, obesity, and poor kidney function can all put you at risk of high uric acid levels.

High fructose diet: Consuming a lot of processed foods can increase the intake of high fructose corn syrup. Fructose is a molecule that can produce uric acid as a byproduct.

High alcohol consumption

A diet high in purines

What foods can you eat on a low-purine diet?

Low Purine Diet Plan

Low Purine Diet Plan – What foods can you eat on a low-purine diet?

Foods that are low in purines are the ones recommended to follow this type of diet. Here is a list of all those foods that you can include.

  • Eggs
  • Chicken and shrimp (no more than 6 oz per day)
  • Low-fat cheese
  • Low-fat Greek yogurt
  • Skim milk
  • All fruits
  • Rice
  • Bread
  • Cereals
  • Pasta
  • Potatoes
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Oatmeal (⅔ cup uncooked per day)
  • Legumes (one cup per day)
  • Wheat germ and bran (¼ cup per day)
  • Coffee or tea
  • Cocoa
  • Herbs and spices
  • Olive oil
  • Peanut butter
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Avocado
  • Asparagus, cauliflower, spinach, mushrooms, and green peas (½ cup per day)
  • Remaining vegetables (carrots, eggplant, lettuce, red bell peppers)

What foods do you need to avoid on a low-purine diet?

Now, let’s talk about those foods we need to avoid since they can increase uric acid levels. These foods are high in purines, so you must avoid them.

  • Organ meat
  • Sardines, scallops, mussels, and sardines.
  • Tuna, codfish, herring, and haddock.
  • Game meats.
  • Beef, pork, bacon, and lamb.
  • Turkey.
  • Soups and gravies made with meat.
  • High fructose corn syrup.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Yeast and yeast extract.
  • High-fat and processed bread (muffins, biscuits, and pancakes)
  • French fries

7-Day low-purine diet plan

Creating a meal plan might be challenging, especially if there are a lot of foods you need to avoid or consume in moderation.

To help you out, here is a 7-day meal plan to get started.

Remember that you can modify the amount based on your requirements and goals. You can also switch ingredients based on your preferences as long as they are on the low-purine list.

Printable 7 Day Purine Diet Plan

MealsDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7
BreakfastScrambled eggs cooked with olive oil and white toastSugar-free and whole-grain cereal with skim milk Low-fat cheese omelet with broccoli and avocado Greek yogurt with ¼ cup of granola and berries Whole grain toast with low-fat cheese and avocado Fried eggs with olive oil and hashbrownns ½ cup of oatmeal, protein powder, banana, and peanut butter
Lunch3 oz of chicken with ½  cup of chickpeas
and green salad
3 oz of salmon with roasted zucchini and rice3 oz of shrimp with ½ cup of quinoa and roasted carrotsWhole grain pasta with 2 oz of low-fat cheese and green salad 3 oz of chicken with ½ cup lentils and squash 3 oz of tilapia with mashed potatoes and ½ cup of green beans Tofu tacos with cabbage  
SnackCherries with almondsApple with peanut butterProtein shake with almond milk and berriesPeach with cashewsLow-fat yogurt with bananaCottage cheese with fruitChia pudding with berries 
DinnerZucchini lasagna with low-fat cheese Portobello veggie burger with low-fat cheese Vegetable frittata (avoid tomatoes)Chicken rice bowl (3 oz chicken, rice and cooked vegetables)Quinoa salad Stuffed red bell peppers with ground chicken Lentil soup

You can include coffee in the morning or tea. Make sure to avoid soft drinks and high sugary drinks. I prefer natural drinks or water.

The more variety you have in the products (like vegetables and fruits), the more nutrients you can get. Try to strive for at least three different colors per day.

Lifestyle recommendations

Besides following a low-purine diet, there are other lifestyle recommendations you must follow to prevent any gout symptoms.

  • Reduce alcohol intake.
  • Exercise frequently.
  • Weight management.
  • Have adequate hydration.

The bottom line

A low-purine diet can bring a lot of benefits for those people with high uric acid levels.

Reducing foods like alcohol, sugary drinks, organ meats, and red meats (to name a few), can decrease your risk of flares and avoid getting any complications from high uric acid levels.

Make sure you also make lifestyle changes like having an adequate weight, having daily movement, and having proper hydration levels.

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