6 Worst Foods For Skin

While continuing our regular skincare routine, we often overlook the significance of a good diet. Paying attention to the worst foods for the skin can instantly help your skin become healthier and glow.

Our skin is the reflection of our diet and lifestyle. So, whether you are leading a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle, your skin will show it.

Let’s look into the list of the worst foods for the skin so you can avoid or reduce your daily intake.

List of worst foods for skin

1. Salt

Few people know this, but salt is the biggest enemy of your skincare routine. It is a standard part of every cuisine and recipe, so most overlook its presence.

Salt retains water in our body, resulting in puffy skin and eyes. We are not saying that you must cut down its consumption completely. Instead, your daily salt intake must be limited to 2300mg daily for an adult.

Moreover, one must keep around 2 hours between dinner time and bedtime. This way, you can avoid bloated and puffy skin the next morning.

2. Oils and saturated fats

When we talk about fats, we must specifically be concerned about the consumption of saturated fats. These fats are extremely harmful to our skin and make it dead, dull, and lifeless in no time. So, to ensure healthy and glowing skin, you must avoid consuming these fats.

Additionally, it would help if you said “no” to deep-fried food options with tons of saturated fats and oils. Deep frying destroys the essential nutrients of the food item and further generates excessive trans fats that are harmful to our skin and body.

3. Caffeine


Once, a wise man said- an excess of everything is bad! The same rule applies to caffeine intake in our day-to-day lives. Many people drink 4-5 cups of coffee or more a day and have a lot of trouble reducing or stopping their daily consumption.

They don’t know that excessive caffeine intake can leave us with dull and wrinkled skin. This is because caffeine tends to dehydrate the skin, leading to the thinning of skin tissue.

On the other side, the production of cortisol increases in our body due to excessive caffeine intake. This then produces certain harmful chemicals and compounds that severely impact our skin’s quality and health.

4. Alcohol

If you are concerned about acne, pimples, and dark pores on your skin, you need to minimize alcohol consumption immediately.

Just like caffeine, alcohol also dehydrates your skin and results in the thinning and darkening of the skin cells and tissues.

This is the reason why a person tends to feel extremely thirsty and dizzy a day after consuming large amounts of alcohol or similar beverages.

Now, even if you can’t avoid the intake of alcohol, you must minimize its consumption.

5. Junk food

Rashes, pimples, and dead skin are common issues. Most people who are either highly addicted to junk food or don’t follow a healthy dietary routine will experience at least one of these issues.

Burgers, pizzas, doughnuts, and ice cream are filled with tons of sugars, sodium, and other unhealthy preservatives. All these unhealthy elements start creating issues within our body after entering into our digestive system.

6. Sugar

Now, here comes the most underrated enemy of our skincare routine. One way or another, we often consume large amounts of sugar in our daily routine. Once consumed, the same sugar spikes up our insulin levels, impacting our skin’s health and quality.

So, if you want to save yourself from all such skin issues, limit your daily sugar consumption to 1 tablespoon only.

Bottom-line for Worst Foods for Skin

It’s all about keeping the right balance between a healthy diet and routine. If you care for your skin and its health, you must limit (if you cannot avoid) the consumption of all the worst foods for the skin mentioned above.

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