How to Lose Weight With CrossFit?

How to Lose Weight With CrossFit

CrossFit is a fitness discipline that is a fast-growing trend, gaining the status of a training routine that is among the top 3 favorites in the world.

The fact is that a significant number of sports facilities intended for this discipline have been opened all over the world. It can be a very effective tool for weight loss and overall well-being. Below are a couple of things you should know about CrossFit if you decide to dive in.

Equipment You Will Need

For the most part, this is nothing that you haven’t encountered in the gym before. If you are new to the gym world, we advise you to get acquainted with barbells and dumbbells mostly. Also, it’s not a bad idea to purchase wrist and even foot bandages, which will protect you from any metal-to-skin contact.

CrossFit socks can be very useful as they can help relieve pressure on your calves and feet. A quality pair of socks and training shoes will also improve your performance.

You must train in proper workout clothes to help avoid potential injuries and discomfort. For example, sweat-wicking fabric helps keep you dry and comfortable ensuring you can stay flexible during complex lifts.

If your footwear and socks aren’t appropriate, you can injure your ankles and feet enough to prevent you from exercising altogether. This can be frustrating, especially when you begin developing a rhythm.

CrossFit in a Nutshell

CrossFit is an extremely intense set of exercises that involve several different workouts. The functional movements are performed at a high intensity to get the body accustomed to various exercises that are complementary to each other, with short breaks in between.

CrossFit will make you strong, fit, toned and more muscular through various workouts. The workouts are a combination of strength, weight, endurance training, cardio, and gymnastic exercises.

Important Exercises for Weight Loss

You’ve probably heard about CrossFit from some of your friends and the grueling exercises that are performed. It’s pretty common to feel invigorated after your first workout. But, as the workouts go on, the fatigue catches up.

CrossFit is an excellent method of training as it meets the criteria for achieving several goals. As we mentioned, you can tighten your body, increase muscle mass and, most importantly, lose weight very effectively. In any case, it’s a fun form of training and a daily test for your mental and physical limitations.

Crossfit is based on the very foundations of human movement. It includes running, pushing, jumping, climbing, bouncing, picking up objects and numerous other movements that are in some ways basic. The most used props are barbells, kettlebells, truck tires, chains, ropes, etc.

Exercises You Shouldn’t Forget

Below are some of the most important and commonly used exercises in CrossFit, as well as specific mistakes that occur when performing them.


The name itself is not pleasant, but the benefit of this exercise is tremendous. The back, legs and shoulder muscles are all activated while performing it.

The most common mistake with this exercise is bending your back and shifting the load to the lumbar region, which should not bear heavy loads. Lower back pain is a result of poorly executed deadlifts, so be very careful with this exercise. Check out online videos or this informative guide to learn proper techniques.

Power Clean

A very complex exercise that recruits your entire lower body. Inter-muscular cooperation must be at the highest level during this movement. The biggest mistake with this exercise is crossing the knee over the plane of the foot, which puts too much stress on the knee joint.

Kettlebell Swing

A ballistic exercise was performed with only a kettlebell. It’s also a basic exercise that is usually taught to first-timers. It can be later supplemented by other exercises such as cleans and jerks. Overall, the kettlebell swing is a great exercise, but if you bend your back, the chance of injury is very high.


This is the best exercise for complete lower body functional strength in my opinion. Dozens of scientific studies link the strength you develop in squats with speed, power, and athletic performance. Performing a classic, back squat requires a great amount of force from your leg muscles, so you’ll eventually be able to easily lift heavier weights.

Avoid this movement if you have low back pain, or have a back injury. Also, be careful as the bar on the back can compress the discs of the spine. Check out this Squats 101 guide for more.

Crossfit Nutrition

Crossfit training requires you to exercise 3 to 5 days a week. The workouts are extremely strenuous and last up to an hour, with the whole body warming up effectively. Building strength and increasing overall fitness levels are achieved not only by exercise but also by proper nutrition.

Crossfit is a combination of strength training, speed training, Olympic-style lifts, bodyweight exercises, etc. You can complement your training with a specialized diet. Most experts suggest an intake of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat.

You can achieve this by consuming lean meats, vegetables, dried fruits and seeds. Most traditional fruit is fine; however, be sure to curb your sugar intake.

This knowledge is generally accepted by active nutritionists. Sometimes you may wonder how a woman can do squats with a 275-pound load. Well, In addition to strict routine training, the secret is nutrition. Without proper nutrition, there would be neither effective training nor results.

A Quality Diet Plan

Here is a good example of what would a cross-filter daily food intake look like:

  • Breakfast – 3 or 4 fried eggs, half an avocado, 2 tangerines and a coffee with milk. Avocado and coffee provide enough fat intake to start the day.
  • Lunch – Ideally, chicken salad and half an avocado or a protein shake and a serving of fruit.
  • Dinner – Heavy amounts of dark green vegetables (spinach, kale, broccoli), preferably 300-500 grams and one salmon fillet.

Your diet doesn’t have to be the same, and the one above is just a sample. Of course, the intensity of the workout can also shift your eating habits. If you plan to step up your workout, it’s important to increase protein and carbohydrate intake.

Your goal should be to consume 30 to 35% of your calories from carbs daily. Carbohydrates will provide energy to the body, and protein will help to restore muscle tissue. When losing weight, the important thing is to lose fat and not the muscle you’ve worked so hard to obtain.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, CrossFit can be a nice addition to your training routine. If you’re sick of your normal gym regimen, try a few classes at your local CrossFit gym. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and might even become a CrossFit Junkie!