What is Golo Diet Plan and What Foods to Avoid During the Diet?

What is the Golo Diet Plan? – Overview

According to reports, Latin America’s weight loss market value is forecasted to reach approximately 2 billion USD by 2027. This shows the increasing value of weight loss plans.

Are you tired of trying out multiple diets for weight loss that leave you feeling hungry and don’t show effective results? If so, the Golo diet can be a perfect plan for you.

However, you may now wonder, “What is Golo Diet?” It’s an excellent approach to losing weight. It focuses on maintaining stable insulin levels through exercise, supplements, and a healthy diet.

The Founders of the Golo diet say that one particular hormone called insulin plays a huge role in not being able to lose weight. As a result, to solve this issue, they started the Golo diet. This diet helps in controlling your insulin management.

However, you should know that exercise and a healthy, nutrient-rich diet plan are key to your weight loss journey. Hence, there is no need to count calories every single time or not lose weight even after months of hard work. How? The Golo diet is the answer, and the best part is that you won’t be exhausted or unsatisfied after this diet.

Let’s get into the details about the “Golo diet” so you can embark on this journey to a healthier you!

What is the Golo Diet?

A team of nutritionists and doctors developed the Golo diet as a long-term solution to weight loss requirements. Compared to other such weight loss diets, the Golo diet isn’t all about extreme calorie restriction or entirely reducing daily food intake. Instead, it’s mostly about moderation, proper balance, and increasing metabolism.

The most important part of the Golo diet is the Golo Release supplement. It is a blend of natural ingredients, including minerals and plant extracts, that help increase energy, regulate blood sugar levels, and reduce cravings/hunger.

The idea of the Golo diet is based on a few studies showing that a diet that doesn’t spike insulin or blood sugar levels can help with weight loss and enhanced metabolism.

As a result, you can go for meal plans based on your personal metabolic rate, a guidebook, and the GOLO Rescue Plan, all provided in the membership of the Golo diet.

The Golo Diet Meal Plan

According to Jennifer Brooks, a nutritionist and Founder and President of GOLO, the Golo diet meal plan includes proper planning of the permissible foods from the categories:

  • Proteins
  • Vegetables
  • Fats
  • Carbs

You will receive a Golo Booklet once you purchase this diet plan. The booklet includes a list of all the permissible food items in each category mentioned above. In addition, it also suggests how much food you should have at every meal.

According to Brooks, you must pick 1-2 servings from each food category mentioned above to create a meal. This can lead to steady blood sugar levels and help stay away from hunger.

What is Golo Diet

What is Golo Diet Plan

In the Golo diet, there will be 3 meals a day. However, a small snack is acceptable if you exercise or have more than 4-5 hours between meals. What’s more exciting about this diet is that breakfast and lunch portions would be bigger than dinner. To give you a basic idea, the Golo diet meal plan for a week looks like this:

7 Day Golo Diet Plan in PDF (Printable)

MondayScrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms, whole-grain toast with avocadoGrilled chicken salad with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, and balsamic vinaigretteBaked salmon with roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes
TuesdayGreek yogurt with mixed berries and chia seedsQuinoa and black bean bowl with avocado, salsa, and limeTurkey meatballs with zucchini noodles and tomato sauce
WednesdayOatmeal with sliced banana and almond butterGrilled portobello mushroom sandwich with mixed greens and mustard dressingGrilled steak with roasted asparagus and sweet potatoes
ThursdayWhole-grain waffles with blueberries and Greek yogurtRoasted vegetable wrap with hummus and mixed greensGrilled shrimp with quinoa and mixed veggies
FridayBreakfast burrito with scrambled eggs, black beans, salsa, and avocadoChicken and vegetable stir-fry with brown riceBaked cod with mixed greens salad and lemon vinaigrette
SaturdaySpinach and mushroom omelette with whole-grain toastTuna salad with mixed greens and olive oil dressingGrilled chicken with roasted cauliflower and sweet potato wedges
SundayProtein pancakes with sliced strawberries and Greek yogurtGrilled chicken skewers with mixed veggies and quinoaLentil soup with mixed greens salad and balsamic vinaigrette

What is The Cost of The Golo Diet?

This diet plan is free. However, you can only get access to it if you purchase the Release supplement. One bottle of Release supplements is worth $59.95. However, it also has two other options, including:

  • 2 bottles at $99.90
  • 3 bottles at $119.85

Foods to Avoid For Golo Diet

The Golo diet contains certain restrictions when it comes to food or meals. These include highly processed food items and sugary food products. Following are the foods that you should avoid during the Golo Diet:

  1. Processed Food: Processed food items such as crackers, chips, and sugary cereals are high in refined carbohydrates and sugar.
  2. High-fat foods: Certain foods like fatty meats, fried foods, and full-fat dairy products are high-fat foods that you need to avoid as they can lead to insulin resistance and weight gain.
  3. Sugary drinks: Beverages like sweetened tea, soda, and energy drinks are full of sugar and empty calories that promote fat storage in your body.
  4. Others: Other foods such as white bread, pasta, and highly processed oils can be harmful to your health as they, too, can cause insulin resistance and weight gain. Also, you should avoid alcohol as excessive drinking may lead to health problems, including weight gain.


In conclusion, the GOLO diet is a relatively new diet plan that focuses on balancing hormones, managing insulin levels, and encouraging healthy eating habits. It emphasizes whole foods and limits processed foods, refined sugars, and carbs.

Following this diet plan can potentially help you lose weight, improve your health, and increase your energy levels. It’s important to remember that while the GOLO diet may work for some individuals, it may not be suitable for everyone.

We hope this article helps you understand the GOLO diet and the foods you can eat or avoid during this diet.

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