Pre Bariatric Surgery Liquid Diet

Pre-Bariatric Surgery Liquid Diet – Overview

The Pre bariatric surgery liquid diet must be started two weeks before the surgery day. This way, you would be able to lose some significant weight while further bringing your digestive system in the right shape before the surgery process.

Now, this will be when you have to pay special attention to your liquid diet’s ingredients.

It is also highly recommended to include a variety of protein shakes in your diet to fulfill the daily protein requirements.

What is a pre-bariatric surgery liquid diet?

You have to initiate a liquid diet two weeks before bariatric surgery. Moreover, the diet must include all the liquid-based ingredients that your body can easily digest and absorb.

Additionally, the main focus must include the right amounts of protein and other essential nutrients in your liquid meals.

While you aim for some good proteins from the protein shakes( at least 60- 80 grams), you must also include specific multivitamins and calcium supplements in your diet.

By doing this, you can quickly fulfill your body’s daily nutritional requirements while keeping it in the right shape before the surgery.

General guidelines to follow during the Pre bariatric surgery liquid diet

  • Pay special attention to protein intake by including all kinds of protein shakes with easily digestible ingredients
  • Go for at least 60-80 grams of protein daily
  • Avoid ingredients that create random digestion issues like bloating and constipation.
  • Include various multivitamins and calcium supplements after consulting with your surgeon or physician.
  • Opt for small servings and portions in your daily meals to provide enough time for your stomach to digest the consumed food.
  • You can include a specific chewable form of supplements at the start but must prioritize the swallow form of supplements for the later stages.
  • Never include or exclude a food item or ingredient in this diet without consulting your doctor.

Major components of the Pre bariatric surgery liquid diet

Clear liquids

Clear liquids

Clear liquids

  • Water
  • Thinned fruit and vegetable juices
  • Soups ( Broth-based)
  • Certain low sugar energy drinks like Gatorade
  • Flavored water
  • Tea and coffee ( unsweetened)
  • Crystal Light
  • Sugar-Free drinks and beverages
  • Popsicles
  • Jello

Protein shakes

You can try random protein shakes available in the market ( as long as the ingredients are easily digestible) until the surgery day.

Afterward, you have to be careful about the choice of ingredients and flavors within the same shakes.

Still, any protein shake that is easily absorbed by the body and comes with some good protein content is highly recommended.

You can also pick the protein shake with your preferred flavor and eliminate that blandness from this liquid diet.

Full liquids

Pre-bariatric surgery liquid diet-Full liquids

Pre-bariatric surgery liquid diet – Full liquids

  • Hot Cereals, including the cream of wheat, oat bran, etc
  • Creamy Soups
  • Non-fat unsweetened Yogurt
  • Pudding
  • Low-fat milk
  • Fruit custard
  • Sherbets


Speaking of the two weeks before the bariatric surgery, you can include certain Vitamin and calcium supplements in your diet after consulting with your doctor or surgeon.

While you cannot have all the food items rich in these nutrients, it’s always good to go with handy supplements to fulfill your daily nutritional requirements.

So, while you are at the pharmacy to pick the required supplements, make Calcium and Multivitamin supplements your top priority.

FAQs regarding Pre bariatric surgery liquid diet

Why can’t I go for solid foods during the Pre bariatric surgery period?

A. Your top priority at this point is to prepare all the organs of the digestive system for the surgery process.

Hence, you need to avoid solid foods that can cause inflammation, constipation, or other digestion-related issues within the system.

Q2. Why do I need to consult my surgeon before getting started with this diet?

A. Your surgeon or doctor possesses all the proper knowledge regarding your current health status and precautions to be taken before, during, or after the bariatric surgery.

Hence, even a small chat or discussion regarding your diet and schedule can help you with your health in the future.

The bottom line for Pre bariatric surgery liquid diet

Please follow all the guidelines mentioned above during this pre-bariatric surgery liquid diet. Also, stay connected with your doctor or surgeon during every phase of these two weeks.

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