10 Ways to Get Best Out of DUKAN Diet

There’s a lot been said and quoted about the trending ‘Dukan diet” but it has also been confirmed that this diet plan is still “not everyone’s cup of tea”.

You may be someone who is looking to shed those extra pounds or gain those big muscles, but if you can’t stay in discipline with your eating habits, this diet isn’t the one for you.

Still, the Dukan diet got a lot to offer and you can achieve your goals without going hungry whilst following these handy tips.

1. Never skip the Oat bran

You should never be skipping the oat bran whilst getting along with the Dukan diet. If, by any chance, you have prepared a meal that contains more oat bran than the prescribed limit, balance it in your next day’s meal.

Well, we know that it tastes weird at times and feels like chewing the sawdust but try getting the best quality oat bran to limit the same feeling.

2. Avoid getting “ too hungry”!

One of the biggest challenges which people come through, whilst on the Dukan diet, is to control their cravings regularly.

You may be a foodie who is just been trying his/her luck on the Dukan diet to lose some weight and suddenly you have a meet-up with an old pal who loves Burger King.

This might seem hard but you have to cut your cravings even in that situation.

Carry those low-fat cheese sticks or low-fat yogurt in your bag to munch in for those ‘ hungry sessions’ so as you don’t end up hopping on some junk at the end of the day.

Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet

3. Don’t compromise too much on your “sweet tooth”

You may find it’s surprising but you don’t have to kill your sweet tooth whilst on a Dukan diet. Get the right sweet treats in your kitties like that low-carb cheesecake or sugar-free chocolate.

Well, if you are an ice cream lover, you can savor a bit on the sugar-free vanilla ice creams. This must be for the initial period and we bet that after a few weeks, your body would start getting into a habit of cutting that sugar from your lifestyle.

4. Say “no’ when you are required to!

It’s a given that after the initial weeks on the Dukan diet, you will start loving this life without any high-calorie food items.

Still, there will be a time when you might want to try upon some Doughnuts or cheesecakes and think like ‘It’s not going to get much difference Honey”.

Stop right there and think about all the effort you have put into your overall health and eating habits till now.

5. Try weighing yourself, twice a week!

This may sound a bit awkward but weighing yourself whilst on the Dukan diet plan can rightly motivate you to go harder with your efforts.

Still, you must not weigh yourself every other day as the difference in weight might be on the lower side initially and this might de-motivate you in the process.

Thus, weighing yourself twice a week is quite best and you must do it the first thing in the morning.

Most people start along with a Dukan diet for their weight loss goals so it’s really necessary to stay updated with your regular progress.

Also, you must not think about it much during the initial period as the difference might not be that noticeable at the start.

6. Invest in clothing that fits perfectly!

This might sound a bit weird at the first go but once you start along with a Dukan diet plan, you must put yourself in some fit clothing to find the difference.

Once you start getting on the lighter side and your co-workers and peers have started noticing that difference, the motivation will start pouring in the form of all those compliments and appreciations.

This will further help you to go harder towards your weight loss goals.

7. Stay committed to your proteins!

You might be a person who doesn’t like eggs or fish, but keeping up with your proteins daily is the key to reach towards your fitness goals eventually.

Proteins help in muscle growth and it also makes you feel filled for a longer duration. Hence, you end up consuming lower calories and go rightly towards your weight loss goals.

So, try experimenting with your protein diet daily and you can include eggs, lean meat, fish, and legumes to not let it go monotonous.

Look out for various recipes and cooking styles on the internet and you will always find your proteins in the Dukan diet, interesting.

8. Always set weight loss goals that are realistic!

If you are not sure about what targets need to be set for your weight loss goals whilst on a Dukan diet, try and search on the internet for everything related to it.

You will surely come across weight loss targets that are solely not based on weight charts.

Eventually, once you have set a realistic weight loss target, you can avoid the frustration and de-motivation which comes through for not achieving the ‘unrealistic weight loss targets” whilst being on a Dukan diet.

9. Don’t ignore the 3rd and 4th phases!

There have been numerous people who skip the 3rd and 4th phases of the Dukan diet after achieving their respective weight goals.

All such people end up coming to their normal diet and do blunder with their overall health and weight once again.

This is something that needs to be avoided and you must know that there’s no harm in following a disciplined diet regimen for longer periods.

You may have reached the desired fitness goals but it’s always about maintaining the same for the coming future.

10. Try purchasing a good bathroom scale

This may not matter much in your overall Dukan diet plan but getting a good bathroom scale will help you with the correct calculation of your weight.

This is quite required to keep you motivated into the whole Dukan diet plan and you don’t want to mess up your weight calculations with that age-old bathroom scale.

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